Sweet Note from Santa Dreaming Feet

Merry Christmas and Compliments of the Season.

How have the holidays been so far for you? Well, I got to spend a little time with my family and friends outside of the city we reside in and it was fun. Haven’t gone on a holiday in forever and it felt different and good. I think I am a little refreshed for the new year now, lol.

I do not want this to be a long read, so help me Jesus.

You know how the end of the year feels like an old chapter closing and a new one is about to open? Please take it literally. If you know 2022 wasn’t all you envisioned for yourself in any area of your life, this is the time to re-evaluate and re-strategize on how not to have a repeat of 2022 in 2023. And if it was all that and more, take the lessons into 2023 and keep building on those foundations.

I am not big on new year resolutions but if they work for you, please do make new ones and try to be consistent with them. What works for me is this – “intentionally work on a project for the first quarter and take it from there.” I take the year bit by bit and not the whole chunk, because it can be a bit overwhelming for me.

In everything you do, never forsake the office of the Holy Spirit; the Holy Spirit should be your best ally. He is God living in you, what else would you ever need? God in His entirety living in you; the Creator of the whole universe residing on the inside of you. Man, if you do not get excited at the thought and the reality of it, your wood must be really wet. Use the Holy Spirit, yes, use Him! Run to Him for everything. Do not be know it all, or let me figure this out myself kinda person. Tell yourself you won’t be foolish in the new year and use your most valuable resource.

Finally, be prepared to be present. For every season in the new year, be present. Enjoy the season, learn the lessons and soak it all in, then MOVE!

I will stop here for now, but I still have alot to write about. I will try to be more present here in the new year instead of my notepad, so help me God.

Keep enjoying your holidays and spread love everywhere you go.


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