Sweet Spot?

You know the feeling of doing something you love to do, that will ascribe all the glory to God (the reason you have the unique gift in the first place), everyday of your life? Well, I would rather not assume everyone knows the feeling because I thought I did for a long time which I was so wrong about. The cure for the common life as Max Lucado simply puts it, is living life in your sweet spot which is at the convergence of the three factors in the simple diagram below.

at the convergence of all three, you’ll find the cure for the common life: your sweet spot ~Max Lucado

It did not just happen for me by accident; I had to go through the University of Hard Knocks before I could find my sweet spot which was a traumatic experience that I wouldn’t wish for anybody. Imagine thinking you’ve found water in a desert and finding out it is just a mirage when you are dying of thirst? Well, that was me for most of my teenage and early adult years. It was frustrating to say the least. I strongly believe it is possible to live life in one’s sweet spot because God made each person unique with customized gifts perfectly suited for each individual. But if you do not even know what you have in the backpack you were given to journey this earth, how do you live a fruitful life?

I decided to create this category so I can share my experience and the lessons I learnt from my many failed attempts at finding my sweet spot, where I am at at the moment and the lessons I am learning from living life right in my sweet spot to help make the journey shorter and easier for anyone willing to live life in their sweet spot.

I will be sharing my journey thus far in form of a mini-series or should I say short stories on how I found my sweet spot in this subset of the Sweet Sport Living & Coaching category. While the Coaching subset will strictly be a one-on-one coaching platform for people that want to find their sweet spot and live life courageously from that spot.

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