Getting Older

Hi & Hello,

How have you been? Feels so good to be writing to you today. I am sending you my love and I hope you send some my way as well. Keep reading because I have something sweet for your reading palate today, lol.

You know how everyone wanna stay 21 forever, or is it 16? Remember the song, “forever young, I wanna be forever young…” by Jay-Z, yeah you got it right. Yes, that song. I wouldn’t say I wanted to stay 16 forever because c’mon, I wanted to grow up, leave the house, get married and be wealthy. Let’s just say after I turned 23, I didn’t want to leave that age. It felt like life started moving too fast and I couldn’t catch up. Then I got married some years later and had two kids, and since then life has been on steroids.

I used to give myself timeline on things I wanted to achieve at a certain age and tried to achieve them. But after achieving the current, I will set new timelines again, and on and on it went. One day I thought to myself, is this how my life is gonna keep going? From one milestone to the other, celebrating achievements no matter how small? Yes it felt good at the moment when everything was high, but it never lasted because onto the next we move. It got boring to me because after the congratulations, cheers and celebration, nobody remembers it no more apart from you. Life became a rat race. I never wanted that kind of life but I found myself in it.

I looked at the people that had gone before; the industrious, hardworking and strong people, all feeble and feeling empty, waiting for death to come knocking. Then I thought to myself; is this all there is to life? One thing was certain for me, I wouldn’t want to be an exhausted rooster in my old age. I want to work till I drop. When I say work, I mean going about my Father’s business, no matter what that is.

Now in my mid 30s; I have seen a bit of life here and there and I am glad I have lived those years fully, and would continue to do just that. I see the world now and I’m like nah, I don’t wanna be 23 no more, I enjoy getting older because it only means the day I get to be with Jesus keeps drawing closer albeit 50-60yrs from now, if He tarries. The joy of an eternal kingdom awaiting me keeps my heart excited and my focus, not on earthly things. Now, I enjoy taking on projects that might make my body ache but my heart full. The accolades are no longer all about the certificates received, milestones achieved but the lives that would be impacted by the knowledge gained. The race track has narrowed up but the vision, clearer and wider.

I see people adjusting their ages same way they are adjusting their skin folds just to look younger. And no, I’m not trolling just incase you are on this table, it’s all love. But please as you are taking such good care of your flesh, kindly invest in your soul too. Let the Word dwell in you richly so you have something more tangible (eternity) to look forward to apart from social media clicks and likes.

Getting old is a blessing. What is in this world anyway? Pain, hurt, famine, wars, toxicity, poverty…? Thank God for Jesus that gives us all we need to survive in this fallen world, else we would have been doomed! Yes to taking good care of your health (mentally and physically), meditating on the Word, exercising, eating right, impacting lives positively, vacationing, preaching the gospel, enjoying family and friends, but never be afraid of getting old. It is one of the greatest blessings of all.

I hope you enjoyed this?

Chat to you some other time.

Love always.

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