Hello September!

Hello & Hi,

Happy New Month to you. Welcome to the best month of the year, yippee!!!

I am excited about this month because not only is it my birth month, it also is beginning to feel like Christmas. God has been so faithful and we know that fully well. See all He has done for you and I; He has brought us from January to September. No matter how challenging the past months may have been, we can testify to His goodness because we are still here and even more hopeful. What was meant to break us or put us under has only ushered us into greatness.

I always come with stories, so here is one for you 🙂

I love receiving gifts; moreso when I never see it coming. Yesterday, I got a message that I had a delivery on the way which would take 1-2 working days. I couldn’t guess who it was from because I wasn’t expecting anything. About an hour later, I got another message that my delivery would arrive in 5minutes. I was surprised because how does it change from days to minutes? I slipped into my bath robe and received the parcel. I tore it immediately with just one guess in mind – my bestfriend. Rightfully so but I also got the shock of a lifetime.

Now let me explain; for weeks now, I have been telling my husband that I needed to start reading books again because I had taken a long break, not intentionally though. I said I was going to start with Christian fiction of some sort, just something airy and light, nothing too serious to pique my reading curiosity, before diving into deep stuff. Then yesterday, on completing a devotional by Karen Jensen Salisbury, I mentioned that before the weekend, I was going to browse through Google Books and purchase a book. Then about 3-4hours later, I received not only a beautiful Christian fiction book, but also the cutest coffee mug you had ever seen. I wanted to send her a video message but I looked awkward crying into my camera, so I sent a voice note instead.

Amidst tears, I told her these words: “Dami, God loves me so much. Those gifts are the most intentional and timely gifts I have gotten in a while.” She replied saying that she had prayed that God would lead her to buy what He wanted me to have, not just what she wanted to get for me. She took her time to search for days until her spirit aligned with that book. She further mentioned that she sent a note alongside the gifts and was hoping I’d receive the note as well. I had not seen any note, so I went back to check the gift box, and in there somewhere was a card with the words: “Ize, these are from the Father to you. Glad He chose us. Love you!” I broke down again. If I had seen the card earlier, it could be assumed that I only said what I said to her based on the note, but I hadn’t seen it at all. It all aligned prophetically. God loved me and thought to send me a gift all the way from my bestfriend in the Uk because she chose to listen to the heart of the Father. I was overwhelmed with joy, thanksgiving and humility, because who am I that He would love me so. I only spoke about it to my husband, didn’t even pray about it and God said, hold my wine, let Me shock you.

Just when I was trying to get myself together, another delivery came in from my bestfriend again. Two Gifts!!! I haven’t opened the second one yet because she instructed I wait until my birthday (4th of September). Well, at this point, I was done! I had no words left to say. Dami is not only my bestfriend by choice but also by divine orchestration. She came into my life over 15years ago and my life has never been the same. She is one of the meekest, kindest and most intentional friends I have. We have been through many highs, not so many lows but we are still here. I haven’t seen her in about 10years and my heart breaks all the time, but God knows the day we get to see, I am never letting go.

Now that you have enjoyed this story, I also have some gifts for you. It is my birthday month and I have a brand new devotional called “Obedience: God’s Love Language” only released today. It is available here https://selar.co/19691f at no cost (free). Other resources from me (Being Mindful Devotional and The Power of One Testimony) available on Amazon are going on sale for 50% off for the month of September only https://dreamingfeet.com/books/

What is it your heart so desire? Delight yourself in the Lord and He will grant you the desires of your heart (Psalm 37:4). This is my prayer for you this month of September.

With all my love,


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