Pet Peeves!

Today, I am going straight to the point because the topic I am writing on today, “na one wey no deserve any chill”. Blood dey hot gan!

So, I hate this thing called DELAYED GRATIFICATION or DELAYED APOLOGY with all my heart, body and soul, well in any order that pleases you. I am just typing as it comes (rolls eyes).

Why wait to say thank you when you can say it in the moment? Will your head pain you if you say it right there? So, somebody does something for you that you appreciate, why don’t you say thank you there and then? Okay, I get it that we can forget to express gratitude if the person isn’t there at the time or whatever. But my point is this: when you realise it, why not say it immediately? Why wait until a perfect time? Does that even exist? Abi rain must jam with rainbow and butterflies in your stomach but do backflips first ni?

The “Delayed Apology” one is a strong pet peeve I cannot seem to fathom. Like, it pisses me off real bad. Someone says “oh, you did so and so to me and I feel hurt.” You say nothing because you want to go and ruminate on what the person said first…I get sore mad at that. Apology doesn’t have to mean it is deserved; it simply means I love you too much to let my ego get in the way of our relationship. And if truly you didn’t mean to hurt the person, why wait till later to say sorry or apologise, when you can just say “I am sorry” right there and then. “I really didn’t mean to hurt your feelings, it was an oversight on my part” can follow suit. But no, we have to allow our village people get into our heads because we must explain the why and the what first before we say we are sorry. Why not I AM SORRY first before explaining, if need be? In which most times, I know there wouldn’t be any need for explanations. If at all an explanation is paramount, let it be done from a place of love and not justification. Apologies are meant to be unconditional.

I have finished venting on my pet peeves, lol. I just needed to write on it honestly. While these may not be your own pet peeves, I do hope you consider saying that THANK YOU when the impact will be most felt and appreciated not when you feel like it. As for the SORRY, do not hold back, we are here for peace offering no matter how many times and to whom, say it and be free. Say sorry for the sake of that relationship. And if it is a forgotten apology or gratification, when you remember, SAY IT!!! Will you die if you say it?

Romans 14:19: Therefore let us pursue the things which make for peace and the things by which one may edify another.

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