How are you, sincerely?

You know I like coming on here to write out my thoughts. I consider this place my safe place and my e-journal. So permit me to rant sometimes too. Nah, but no ranting today though, I just wanna let you in on a secret that would change your life forever, especially if you have struggles in this area.

To keep it short and sweet… let me ask you, why do you think people cheat?

From my personal research, there is a common thread running through all the reasons I could gather, and that is “lack of control over emotions”. To better summarize this, people think we are just some entity God created with emotions and passions to cause a havoc in our lives due to the fact that we haven’t been given the ability to put it under. That is why we get to hear this phrase alot – “I just couldn’t help it, it was the devil”.

Now let me tell you the reason why people cheat:

People cheat because they do not have a full revelation of who they are in Christ. It is moreso an IDENTITY problem. The truth is, if you know who you truly are in Christ, how you have been crucified with Him and how Christ lives in you, the life you now live, you live by faith in the Son of God, your body has become a temple where the Holy Spirit dwells in, tell me how you would decide in your own right to offer that same body as a waste offering for momentary pleasures? Behind every moral, sexual, emotional, physical, unintentional, or deadly sin sin is the greatest ignorance of true identity.

Thinking the love you have for your spouse cannot make you cheat is one of the foremost causes of infidelity and adultery. A big lie that has caused more to fall into this temptation than any other lie. I do love my husband but his love cannot keep me from cheating on Him unfortunately, because my love (human love) isn’t perfect. Only the perfect love of Christ has the ability to constrain us (2 Corinthians 5:14). So, depending on the love I have for my husband to keep me from cheating on him is a trap to fall into the deception of the enemy. Without the knowledge of my identity in Christ and its revelation therein in my heart, I will not able to keep myself from falling into this sin. The arm of flesh would fail me in the day of battle because I have relied on my own understanding and strength. But with the revelation of who I am in Christ, my husband do not have to be fearful of me cheating because I have a more reverential fear of grieving the Holy Spirit inside of me.

Not that the thought of cheating crosses my mind, but what of being in a situation that could lead to it? It always starts as a harmless relationship, remember. Whether you are aware or not, this is a pandemic ravaging this generation and social media has made it to look acceptable. Where people are told “DO YOU” and the world would adjust. But let me let you in on something I say to myself more often than not; I say: “Ize, your body is the TEMPLE of God, a place with the address of Jesus stamped on it. This life in me is the life God thought worthy to sacrifice His only Son Jesus for. No, I wouldn’t want to hurt Him that way, neither would I want to bring Him such disrespect. To cheapen myself for something worth less than a slice of bread.” This is what constrains me – the FEAR of God. If at all I am on the path of slipping, the Holy Spirit cautions me. I fear and reverence God because I have tasted of His power and I have a revelation of who He is and what He has done in and for me. This fear constrains me and keeps me, in essence giving me wisdom in knowing my worth, identity and essence. My husband gets to have the whole of me without any fear whatsoever.

Let the fear of God constrain you. Let the reverent fear of God be bigger than your fear of falling for a sin that you feel you have no control over. Let this mind be in you which was also in Christ Jesus, who did not consider it robbery to be equal with God lead you in humble adoration of His power and strength that is within you. The King of Kings lives on the inside of you, why would you want to sell your body cheaply as a slave and grieve Him? You are a royal priesthood, a chosen generation, the beloved of the Lord, the one seated at the right hand of God the Father in Christ Jesus. You have royal blood flowing in your veins, c’mon, this knowledge solidifies your identity in Christ.

I hope from now henceforth you will choose to keep your temple clean and free from intruders, because you know now who you are and whom you carry. Your love is too fickle and sometimes unstable, so is that of your spouse, for you to think it can keep you from falling. Only the love of God can constrain you. You aren’t like “other people” out there, you are different. If the world has chosen to celebrate adultery, fornication, lasciviousness and the likes, you should be different because of the light you carry. This is the strength we walk in. Not that we can do this on our own, but Christ in us, our hope of glory.

Ps: As for the unmarried ones, remember, only emotional cheating can be addressed with this write-up not sexual cheating because you aren’t supposed to be in such in the first place.

Write to you soon,

Love, always.


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