Being Mindful: A 31-day Devotional on How to Take Your Thoughts Captive

Being Mindful: A 31-day Devotional on How to Take Your Thoughts Captive

The mind as the seat of intelligence is where our thinking takes place. The mind isn’t like the hair, hands, or feet that we can see and wash easily when dirty, but the mind is just as important and needs to be kept clean as well.

It needs consistent purification and decluttering because it is responsible for how we respond both in speech and behaviour.

Thankfully, the Scriptures have been given by God to help filter and purify our thoughts so the mind can be fruitful.

This devotional is going to show you practical tips on how to take your thoughts captive so your mind can be a productive space for growth, productivity, and healthy living instead of a dumpster that leads to poor mental health.

The Power of One Testimony: Overcoming a Placenta Previa Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a beautiful gift, but sometimes serious complications occur causing heartbreak, fear, anxiety, restlessness, anger, and loss of control.

Ize Alonge knows this first-hand, and, in her new book, she shares her harrowing journey with placenta previa that threatened her life, that of her unborn child, and her ability to conceive again.

This is a miracle story of strength, determination, and faith.

Have the doctors given you bad news about your pregnancy? Are you crushed emotionally and physically stressed out about it? Do you need healing, support, encouragement, and hope?

Read Ize’s story. Her moving, vivid accounts of how placenta previa affected her life and how she beat the odds will lift your faith and inspire you to speak life to you and your unborn child.

You too can have a miracle story!