Geyser Joy

I wrote this in my note pad on the 21st of May at 22:43 hours, and I titled it NIGHT THOUGHTS;

“When last did you feel genuinely joyful for no reason? Like you have joy welling up from the inside like a geyser spring? A joy that cannot be contained neither can it be placed on material satisfaction…mehn, that is the happiest place to be. Nothing else compares or comes close. Like the whole universe fades completely before you. Gosh! that is the state I am in tonight. I am truly happy and I am thankful to God.”

Have you ever experienced something similar? I really can’t explain the feeling but it is unmatched. I would be lying if I say I feel like that everyday but I wouldn’t mind it at all. Not with having so many things to complain about that irritates my soul (rolls eyes). But why will Paul ask us to rejoice in the Lord always when it seems so impossible? Not me waking up on some mornings with zero motivation to do what I love best. I just want to hang my leg up and watch Korean series all day (do those kind of days really exist though? With kids?)

So what could it be that Paul discovered that made him drop that bomb of a statement in a prison cell, cold, hungry and in shackles? Could it be the same thing Ezra spoke about in Nehemiah 8:10? About the joy of the Lord being our strength? Because ko ye mi ooo (I don’t get). Imma be in my feelings when things just don’t seem to be playing out well.

Jesus had the answer to everything so let’s see what He had to say about this joy that wells from the inside no matter what we are going through. And if I am right, wasn’t He the one that slept in the middle of a boisterous storm? That one that the winds and the waves were doing kong-fu around Him? Ehen na!

In John 15 (one of my favourite chapters in the Bible), we see Jesus emphasizing on how we are to remain in Him – the Vine to be fruitful. He went on to say in verse 11 that “These things I have spoken to you, that My joy may remain in you, and that your joy may be full.” So you ask, what things are to remain in us so our joy may be full? Let us see verse 7 of same chapter 15 – It says: “If you abide in Me and My words abide in you, you will ask what you desire and it shall be done for you.”

So, I think we have finally hacked what could make Paul say what he said. It is nothing magical and it doesn’t have to come and go like I experienced, it can be a lifestyle. Ruminate on the word, mediate on it, speak it and live it and see if your life will remain the same. Just like Paul, you also can go through fire without smelling like smoke because the joy welling from within will certainly be greater than the troubles without.

I am currently working on it, you too can make that decision.

We are allowed to be both amazing and a work in progress, simultaneously.

Keep dreaming with your eyes wide open.


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