LOVE Without “Breakfasts”


Welcome back to my favourite place. No jokes, my blog is my favourite aesthetic to look at. Have you taken a look at it from the homepage? Just go back to do that if you have never checked it out. The featured images are just too dope. I love it here (happy dance) as this is my abridged e-diary. Although I try not to make it too personal, but everything written here is inspired by my daily life.

Now to the business of the day; I was in my most favourite place of inspiration (shower), when I started thinking to myself…”why is finding love in this generation so much like a chore?” All the God when? Just to end up in two weeks of marriage and everybody calls it “Breakfast”. I am totally surrounded by love honestly so I cannot relate AT ALL! My siblings are married to the best people in the world. I have the best in-laws. My friends’ spouses are amazing. Honestly, I cannot relate to why finding love in these times seem to be so overrated and underwhelming.

One day, I am going to write about how I met my husband and you are going to love it trust me. While I believe every love story is unique to the individuals, I believe ours is enchanting. Like, it will draw you and leave you gleaming, lol. Back to my gist… my take is this – finding love doesn’t have to be a chore or like shopping from “bend down select” – (shopping for fairly used clothes from the floor, not racks or hangers). It should be a delightful process and not an agonizing one. While I had my share of adventurous bumps along the road, trust me it was never from a place of settling. All the guys in my past are amazing and cheers to them but have you met my husband?

God is love. God enjoys pairing people up because He is the PERFECT MATCHMAKER. If you allow God set you up on a date with a man/woman after His own heart, your life will never remain the same. Distance is nothing to God, I’m telling you, He arranges meetings perfectly, or isn’t He the God of the whole universe again? He can bring someone from Antartica to meet with someone in Limpopo, why do we think small? The Bible says that “Before you do anything, put your trust totally in God and not in yourself. Then every plan you make will succeed (Proverbs 16:30).”

If you have been chopping breakfast (breakups), go back to the One who created Love in the first place and let Him hook you up for life. There are genuine people with hearts filled with love out there still. If it is your desire to get married to someone that you are going to enjoy forever with and not have to be sleeping with one eye open so you could go through his/her phone, please allow God lead you. The world doesn’t have much to offer but in the kingdom of God, we get spoilt for choice. You do not have to settle for less please, do not accept chopping breakfast as normal. Also do not settle for someone you are afraid to post about because you do not know how many of you are sharing him/her. The world is so twisted right now, but keep your eyes on Jesus, the author and perfecter of your faith.

Until we meet here again, enjoy love without breakfast.

And if this isn’t for you, please do pass it on.

Love ya.

Ps: I hope you get the gist that breakfast is slang for breakup? Welcome to GenZ.

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