Love & Hugs…

I know yeah…

I know…and I am sorry but not so sorry. I always disappear just to reappear and disappear again. But contrary to what you think, I am never too far away. I just may prefer to communicate via Instagram or Whatsapp. But right here, this very space, is my sanctuary.

I decided to pick up my phone and send you a love note today. Normally, I will use my laptop but I feel this is a little more intimate and unplanned. Just fresh off my head/heart. I have alot to say to you because alot has happened and still happening, but for now, I just wanna send you tons of love and hugs on this day, and this one yellow rose.

You know life hasn’t been the fairest right, but do you know who has been slaying Goliaths? You and I! Just imagine, small us with big God. Isn’t it wonderful? Yes, you have been doing so well and I am in awe of you. Even the ones you haven’t done so well, I believe you have learnt and moved on. Life is transient and slowly passing. Enjoy every moment and make it count. The tomorrow you think is yours is a mirage. Today is the only day that would ever be yours, because when tomorrow comes, it presents itself as what? Today!

So, why live for tomorrow when today is the present specially packaged for you. If you love your today well, your tomorrow will be lighter to bear when it does appear as today again.

And if life has been a little tough, I pray you enjoy the peace of God today. I pray for ease for you. I pray you cast (throw carelessly) all your anxious thoughts, worries and burdens on Jesus because He really does care for you. He is closer than your very breath. All He is waiting for is for you to let Him in and take control. HE wouldn’t dare do it without your permission. He’s that gentle and respectful.

I pray you find peace in the storm. I pray you find joy in the sorrow and love in such a tumultuous world.

Sending you all my love and tons of hugs today.

God bless you and keep you.


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