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So, I was studying Genesis some days ago and I thought to myself: “God knows everything and before anything happens, He knows about it. And when it does happen, He is aware but still doesn’t arrive quicker or later at the scene, He is always right on time.” While this may sometimes be contradictory to our tiny peanut brains, trust me, God is never late!

See the case of Adam and Eve; after they ate the fruit, God didn’t cause the whole universe to go dark or some comic disaster to happen. He waited till His normal visiting hour time to speak on the issue. Cain and Abel, Jonah, Elijah, Paul, and many other examples in the Bible. God would always step in at the right time to handle the situation.

There is a natural course for things to go through and God isn’t going to change that because you aren’t going to be patient or because you do not want to face the repercussion of the choices you made without consulting Him in the first place. While He is surely slow to anger and abounding in love, the result of your decision making is totally yours to enjoy. Yes, He is merciful enough to lighten the burden but we live in a world governed by laws, and where there are laws, there are also rewards albeit good or bad.

Just as there is seed time and harvest time in farming, likewise as with everything in life, there is sowing time and reaping time. Do not rush the process, but put in the work. God isn’t in a hurry, you are. He is more interested in the root being formed within you than the premature fruit on the outside. He has seen your end from the beginning, trust Him with your whole life even when you do not understand everything going on never for once doubt that the author of time and destiny knows and is always on time.

Chat to you soon again.

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