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I know, I know…and I am very sorry, I have been mia for a long time here but never forgot about you. I have just been focused on other things – like publishing my first book https://www.amazon.com/Power-One-Testimony-Overcoming-Pregnancy-ebook/dp/B0BCX9N13Z and rounding off my three-year-Bible College program, so it’s been a little busy mentally for me. I just do not come on here to post whatever I feel like, I post as my heart leads me to. That means every post you see and read on here is very personal to me. I try to be as vulnerable as I can so you get my heart and see through my lens; isn’t that what blogging is about anyways?

From my recent life experiences, I have something to share with you today that I believe would not only encourage you but help you hold on to faith a bit more tightly. Like I said earlier, I am in my 3rd year of Bible School, so we have tons of workshops like teaching hubs, devotions, communion teachings, projects, and the likes, this is part of getting real life experiences on what goes in ministry. So, I had chosen devotion practicum which I did about a month or more ago. Devotion teaching is just for 10minutes but I was in over my head about it. I was jittery et al, but thankfully, it went well and I got very good remarks. Not that I was going for the accolades but to hear “thank you, I needed that at this time of my life” made some difference because I never felt qualified to even share with such amazing people.

Some weeks later, we were asked in our various groups to volunteer to teach in the 25minute time slot for the whole school gathering done every hybrid Saturday. I wanted to put down my name but I was too scared to. I didn’t know how I was going to face the whole school; I didn’t feel I could do it even if I knew I was eloquent enough, so I opted out. Someone else volunteered and her name was taken note of. But ever since that day, I felt like I had offended God. I was considering myself and rating myself too highly that I chose the easy way out. I didn’t have a servant heart, else I would have known it was never about me.

I apologised to God sincerely. I felt really bad and it bugged my heart for a while. Then I prayed and said, God if any opportunity ever came my way again, I’ll take it without thinking. And if you want me to still handle a teaching slot for the school, You can do anything, please make it come back to me. I left it there and went about my normal life, but never forgot about it.

On the other hand, I noticed I ovulated too early after my previous period and I was wondering why, like way too early which obviously meant my next period was going to come early so I was already kinda feeling sad about it. I was already considering cancelling hybrid for that day. Then some days before our last hybrid Saturday, we got a message from the leadership that the program had changed and for the next hybrid we were to have which was the last official hybrid class for the year. We are planning for graduation so, the following classes will be focused on that. The message we received was that myself and another teammate of mine had been selected to minister to the whole school in the 25minute time slot after lunch break. Firstly, I was excited, then I got nervous. Excited because I knew it was God’s handiwork, nervous because c’mon why not? I mean, I am talking about ministering to bible scholars, lol.

Just after I got that message, that same day, my period started. Now let me make you understand why my period gist is in this conversation. I do have terrible period cramps and it affects my whole being and activities the first 2-3days at least. So I had already made up my mind not to go to hybrid that Saturday because my calendar stated it was going to begin that day, and I didn’t want any drama. And my period follows the calendar STRICTLY, so, when it came the same day I got the information that I was to minister, I knew it was God and nothing else. How does my period change its date and come 5days early, just like that? For me, it is very very rare. While I am still standing and believing for healing from perod cramps, God really does meet me where I am in my journey, and makes sure I have it easier everytime.

You may not understand the gravity of these experiences to me but let me draw your attention to the fact that I wasn’t feeling the holiest in this season of my life. Infact, I felt the least deserving because I have been struggling in my faith walk… but God! God who doesn’t rely on my holiness but on His righteousness answered my honest prayers when I least expected. He didn’t say oh, Ize hasn’t been praying or reading her bible a lot recently so, that prayer, I might just pass on it. He trusted the Jesus in me. He saw my heart. He showed me love, and for that, I will never forget. God honored me. He made me believe that at my best and worst, He is still the same God.

This is my testimony. What is yours today?

One testimony can change a life, two lives, thousands of lives too. Share what God has been doing in your life recently. And before you say, “nothing spectacular”, permit me to ask if the person in the grave can give thanks or share their testimony? My new book is one of testimony, you should check it out, lol.

Thanks for stopping by.

Love always.

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