The Birthing of a New Thing.

Hi friend,

I picked up my computer to write a blog post but I am kinda lost on where to begin. Today is suppose to be one of my happiest days but I can’t seem to find the sunshine in it. This verse popped in my head right on time – “The joy of the Lord is my strength” (Nehemiah 8:10). The joy the Lord gives isn’t fickle; it isn’t dependent on what is going on externally, it is a fruit of the Spirit that resides within us. Having to depend on my emotions as to how I feel or react would only make me an unwise fellow. So, now that I have gingered myself, let’s get to it!

Around this time in 2015, seven (7) years ago, I was pregnant with our first child, David. I was actually about 11days from having him. David’s pregnancy changed my life completely. It was my first pregnancy and my most challenging. I remember so well because of the trials I went through mentally, spiritually, physically and emotionally. The enemy didn’t want this child out here because he must have perceived David wasn’t an ordinary child.

The doctors confirmed I had a total Placenta Previa when I was in my second trimester which came as a shock to us. We had to let go of the new parent guilt as we learnt it wasn’t anything we did wrong. The devil fed me with lies and also tried to use the doctors against me because all I kept hearing was – You have a High-Risk Pregnancy and you can bleed to death, so you must be careful. I heard this every week in my third trimester that I almost got around believing this could be my fate. You must do this and don’t do that… it was an endless cycle of negative news.

The promises of God were the stronghold I held onto for my life and that of my unborn child, otherwise, I wouldn’t be alive typing this today. During that experience, I made a promise to God that I was going to tell the world about my testimony if He got me through it. He kept to His part of the promise, but here I am with my flawed human self only telling about this 7years later in my first authored book – “THE POWER OF ONE TESTIMONY”. This book is one that will tell of God’s unfailing grace and mercy, my doggedness in not settling for less than God’s best and the power a mother has over her unborn child.

I would love you to please purchase a copy of my book for yourself and another for your loved one(s), lol. It promises to lift your faith and encourage you through and through. Included in this book are two (2) special free gifts just for you – Confession for pregnant women and a 5-day Devotional as well. Oh, and if you are a guy, it is a great resource to have so as to add to the prior knowledge on pregnancy and childbirth the godly way.

My book would be available for pre-order on Amazon in both kindle (e-book) and paperback formats from the 4th of September. This book shall be a testament that nothing is too difficult for God. It will break shackles and set captives free. There will be miraculous childbirth testimonies from the testimony in this book in Jesus name, Amen.



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