The Deposit Within

Hi friends,

How are you doing? It’s been a while here right? I know, I know… I wouldn’t blame it on a busy schedule though, I just preferred writing in my notepad than on here.

I came here today to remind you of something you may not think of too often but you must have heard of and are very much aware of – and that is the fact that You were made for such a time as this, to fulfil a purpose.

Whatever your gift may be, it was particularly prepared for you and placed in you. Instead of you struggling with the why, ease into the what and how so you can be a blessing to mankind whilst fulfilling the purpose of you being brought here.

While some gifts may be very obvious, some are more salient, it doesn’t make anyone greater than the other. As long as you are using it the way the God says to, you are fulfilling your purpose on earth and you are pleasing to God.

Think about this today.

With Love,


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