Settle into your Season!


Hello there,

Missed me? Oh, I have missed myself here too…

It was a forced Sabbatical leave but I am back. Well, let’s just say I am back FOR NOW, lol.

Where do I even start with all the gists in my head now ooo??? Hmmm, okay, I will start from here…

So, it was in the wee hours of the morning yesterday and I was between LaLa land and being fully awake, when I heard the Holy Spirit speaking these words into my spirit: “Settle into your Season”. I heard it clearly in my spirit, so I became aware asap. I started meditating on that phrase, turning it over in my mind over and over again. Then scriptures started rolling in, like back to back. Scriptures like Isaiah 55:11, Ephesians 1:17-23, Exodus 14:14 e.t.c.

See, I am one known to have a very good track record on whining & grumbling through a season, especially, if it is one where I feel totally out of control. I am not proud of it and working my way out of that space, Hallelujah! And from me to you, better listen to the voice of the Holy Spirit, settle into the season you are in; ask questions, seek answers, study the Word to show that you have been approved by God for such a time. Turn your anger into thanksgiving, God doesn’t waste a thing.

You know one funny thing in God’s school, there is no promotion unless you pass the test you are currently undertaking. So, I must confess that I have been circling around a particular mountain for a long time now (talmabout being like the Israelites, duh). And it is time for me to settle into this season, learn from it and move…

Settling into a season is to taste, feel, immerse and take control of that season. Trodding through a season grudgingly wouldn’t make it come to an end faster, rather it would deter growth. When a seed is planted into the ground, it isn’t kept on the top of the soil, is it? No, it is buried under the soil with dirt on it. Have you ever thought of how it springs forth onto the surface?

Now, let me tell you this just incase you do not know yeah, are you aware that the soil that covers the little seed that is planted serves as both a blessing and a curse to that seed? Permit me to explain: That seed is trying to sprout but the weight of the soil on it is way too heavy so the seed has to learn early to push through the weight of the soil (obstacles) so that it can send its sprout out (growth). And when it does pass through this phase, it will help the plant withstand the tumultuous forces of nature. I am sure the seed doesn’t enjoy this phase and might even detest the soil for it. Please note that the same soil the seed might detest due to it’s weight, stench, darkness, e.t.c supplies it with all it needs to sprout. It also helps protect it from being washed away when it is ever so fragile.

Doesn’t this feels like life? Some things you are experiencing now, consider them as soil, use the obstacles to propel you to growth. Don’t rush out of the soil (process, season, phase…), push through it so you are strengthened. And do not hate the season, make it work together for your growth.

SETTLE INTO YOUR SEASON friend, feel all the feels, enjoy it, learn from it, strive for growth through it all because you my friend are a beautiful shoot waiting to blossom.

Love, Always.

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  1. Wisdom is the principal thing. Herein is wisdom to grow and excel! The soil represents our struggles throughout life, what an interesting analogy. Keep it up, Ize.

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