P.S. A Note for You!

Happy New Year once again :).

I know I have been mia here for quite sometime, so sorry about that… Am I promising to change? Maybe not at this time but I will try my best to put myself together so I would feel less overwhelmed by the issues of life. I do hope you have been doing well yourself?

I decided to write to you today not that I have something special to say but to remind you of what you already know:

  1. That life is happening and will keep happening to you and around you but never let it leave you behind, or put you under. Instead live it and experience it.
  2. No matter the many twists and turns, do not be a robot, twist and turn with it, you aren’t a statue. Be flexible enough to recognise & acknowledge change when it does appear.
  3. Let your words be few so you can see the depth of the other party. At the end of the day, only those that listen twice as hard remembers the instructions & dynamics.
  4. Pay attention; some “friends” will drain you in the form of helping you.
  5. Know your limit. But don’t get there because you will return broken.
  6. Never be too busy to spend time with the Holy Spirit. The time you think you do not have will end up being what you wasted. This I have experienced firsthand and it leaves one totally empty with regrets.
  7. Laugh at yourself, it keeps your heart light.
  8. Be appreciative. Do not allow yourself to be a brat about what you once fasted and prayed for, no matter the oppositions in the face of your answered prayers. Be THANKFUL!!!
  9. Rejoice in the Lord ALWAYS! Not only when you have butterflies in your tummy. Do it through gritted teeth too.
  10. Guard your heart with all diligence. Guard it because your life will go in the direction of the seeds sown in there.

I hope to chat to you soon enough.


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