How are you doing today? Told you I am here to stay, lol. Keeping to my words now oh, but permit me to ghost you once in a while. Afterall, aren’t we all humans? Okay that sounds contradictory – ghost… human…, wo whatever, you sha get the gist.

Ok, so I was reminiscing on something that happened some days ago, when all of a sudden, I thought to myself…hmm, this could bless someone, anyone, hence this blog post. Read on to know why, would ya?

So, there is this good friend of mine right, she lives not too far away from me. On this said day, I received a call from her in the middle of the day, which isn’t unusual btw, only this time, she said they (she and her husband) were going to stop by ours on their way home. I was like ok, no wahala. She knows I am not the best host in terms of food et al, she takes the crown for that aspect of hospitality. I will entertain you with my gist, but food, I really do hate cooking hey (rolls eyes). No, but I cook real good; ask my husband, my kids, Kevwe, Dami, Yemi, Tere, and….who again oh, okay ask everybody, duh.

Anywho, they came around and as usual, I was excited to see them, only that I started teasing her from when she alighted from her car, lol. I’m a pain in that girl’s butt. No, but for real, who steps out of the car wearing just socks? She even walked up to our apartment like that because she was too exhausted to put on her sneakers? Only my friend!

They came in, got comfortable, and we started gisting. But this time, I was in fix, so I decided to tell her what. My most precious son had brought his school bag home an hour earlier from school with a part of the bag gaping like the mouth of a fish opened wide. Please note that this bag was on the pricey side and we were guaranteed of quality and durability, so, I was not impressed at all. I was ranting to my friend when she asked to see it. I told her we were already on our way to getting him a new one because that bag was pissing me off.

My most handy friend decided to teach me how to tack it with needle and thread. I was a little hesitant because I doubted it was gonna hold, this is a bag for crying out loud, not a pair of socks. Anyways, there I was listening to her teaching me how to do this backward and forward stitching method and I never looked so lost. In her exhaustion, she saw that we weren’t making any headway, so she asked that I got her the needle and thread and within minutes, she got to work. I watched her in awe, not because I cannot sew but whatever method she was using was strange to me.

When she was done with the initial one, she decided to stitch another place that felt loose. I was very appreciative, not that it was alien to her nature to help, but because she wasn’t aware of what she just did for me. Let me explain before you ask “oh, what’s the big deal?” I had been going through a phase where I was genuinely questioning what friendship meant to some people. I had been feeling distant from friends, even my closest friends – and no, the latter did nothing to me, it was an overflow from the ones I had been disappointed by. So, when she dropped by and did that for me on that particular day, it meant the world to me. It was like God was hugging me through her. Not only did she do that for me, she also brought me her homemade tigernut & coconut drink. Mehn, I was done. My “likkle” heart was undone and done when I got to think about the whole thing, only after they had gone. Oh, and no, she is not aware of this post, but I hope she gets to read it.

You may not know which of your friends is going through a rough season, please listen to the nudge within and check on them. Send a message, call, book a coffee date, a video call, send an impromptu gift, pray for her/him, make an impromptu visit with a gift in hand, remind them of why you are their friend. I do not always do this perfectly, but I am learning and making adjustments. Mehn, this world is a whole lot sometimes, and a sweet word from a sweet friend is a like honeycomb; sweet to read and sweet for the heart.

To my friend that paid me an impromptu visit with a gift in hand, you said you wanted to change your mind but you brought your tired self anyways. I love you so so much and I do not take all you and your family do for me and mine for granted. Love you through wet and dry seasons.

Make I stop here, e don do, before her head go dey swell now (rolls eyes).

Cheers y’all.

Love, Always.

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