The Fear of God Constrains Me.

Hey there,

How have you been? But seriously, how have you been since the last time you stopped by here?

Remember, we promised not to quit! Can you remember we said that? Okay, I want to believe you are giving your all in whatever your hands have found to do yeah? Okay, just thought to ask (smiles).

So, I was talking to myself in my most private place (the bathroom) the other day, if you do have kids, you’d understand why, lol. While I was bent over the tub doing a quick fix laundry, my very active mind got busy asap. I thought to myself, why do people get so overprotective over their phones? Now, I do not mean with external people, I mean with spouses or partners in relationships?

I have read countless number of stories on how passwords have caused fights and break-ups in relationships and I started to think about what could be so personal that your spouse or the person whom you claim to be in a relationship with isn’t meant to know or see? Could it be salary? Or maybe, another job somewhere? Oh, could it be a side-chick or a side-dude? Or maybe the things you are watching on your phone are X-rated? Or let’s just say a ‘very’ close friend whose chats you do not want anyone else to see?…. Whatever it is that makes your phone a “DON’T TOUCH” object for the person whom you claim to love is something that shouldn’t be there in the first place. We all know this, unless we want to play dumb. Apart from pulling a surprise for your spouse/ loved one, why should your phone have a personal security guard? Which is you by the way.

See, I am not here to mince words today because it baffles me to think we can hide something from whom we claim we love, and God even, lol, like what joke! I have come to the conclusion that many people claim to know God but have little knowledge about who He truly is. Also, they claim to love Him but do not allow the reverential fear of Him constrain them. For example, I say this to my husband: “I cannot cheat on you; not because I am scared of you or anyone but because I fear the Lord and I carry Him in my temple.” That fear of God constrains me from thinking of cheating on my husband. The fear of man is dangerous/causes a snare (Proverbs 29:25) and keeps one in bondage but the fear of God gives me the freedom to love my husband and be satisfied with him. This is just an example but yours can be different. Did I get here overnight? No! But the more I am focused on building intimacy with God, the more the things that wouldn’t please Him keeps falling off with ease.

Now, am I saying I have arrived? No, because there are still things that need to be chipped off. But the more I make myself available to Him, allowing His Word transform me from within to without, the more the unwanted will be done away with. It is a journey which I am most excited for. My point today is this: Whatsoever it is you think you are hiding from your spouse or whom you claim to be in love with isn’t hidden from God, so who/what is it you fear the most? The fear of being caught or the fear of being seen by God? If the latter is in you, then the former would never be a problem.

To live a transparent life keeps you from dying young, literally. You wouldn’t need to sleep with one eye open, neither will you need to strap your phone to your chest when you are asleep. Where can I go to hide from your presence Oh God asked the Psalmist in Psalm 139. He is everywhere at the same time so, let that fear of Him constrain you and pull you inwards, towards the love He has for you. The fear of God allows you to be a person of integrity where your Yes is Yes and your No is No, no shades or grey areas.

Proverbs 14:25-27AMP. : In the reverent fear of the Lord there is STRONG confidence, and His children will always have a place of refuge. The reverent fear of the Lord that leads to obedience and worship is a fountain of life, so that one may avoid the snares of death.


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