I was about writing some long post about some other topic but changed my mind when I opened this page.

I checked my previous posts and saw that the comments that have been dropping had become non-existent, especially in the last three posts and I thought to myself “hmm okay, is it that people are no longer visiting my blog or the posts aren’t edifying in any way, abi whatsup?”

But before the thought could even seethe, I called to mind the reason I started in the first place and remembered I had gone through all the hiccups that could arise even before I started. So, I smiled and said “cheer or no cheer, was born ready for this” and I wasn’t even bothered after that.

Now to the deep stuff…

“ALWAYS REMEMBER WHY YOU STARTED!” and that’s on it. Were you expecting something deeper? lol.

If no one is cheering you on or when the silence is louder than the applause, do you feel sorry for yourself and pout? If you do just that, then you aren’t ready to walk in your purpose because there will be times of dead silence and cricket noises even from the people you most expected it. So what do you do in times like that?

You put in more momentum. You encourage yourself in the Lord just like David did when all his men turned their backs on him (1Samuel 30:6). You ask for wisdom on what to do differently. You keep doing the ground work so when the applause starts to return, you wouldn’t be distracted. Instead, you will remember the days of cricket noises, lonesome nights and hard work, then you will keep your eyes on the price without wavering.

Imma keep writing anyways, and no I am not in anyway sad or let down because I encourage myself in the Lord alot in every area of my life. Oh and the greatest cheerleader resides on the inside of me – the Holy Spirit. So we what? We meeuuuvvee! LOL.

Glad you stopped by, I hope you stay encouraged no matter the season of life you are in.

I am cheering you on today….

And I am screaming from the bleachers that…


…but exhort (encourage) one another daily, while it is called “Today,” lest any of you be hardened through the deceitfulness of sin (Hebrews 3:13).

  1. Thank you for this, it’s good to be reminded about the need to stay positive even in current times when negative activities and comments seem to prevail. Yes, the Holy Spirit is my cheerleader, so I will always WIN!!!

  2. Loved this! Nothing like a good gentle reminder to keep on going. THANK YOU CHEERLEADER IZE!

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