My Very Normal Healthy Skin Routine.

I wrote about how I maintain a healthy lifestyle some weeks ago in this blog post – How I Maintain a Stable & Healthy Weight/Lifestyle (Inside). You sure should check it out. But today, I want to let you in on my very normal healthy skin routine. Oh and may I add that I am dark skinned, so, my routine is better suited for my skin type. I believe it would be effective on a light skin as well but I am writing from personal experience. Anywho, let’s meeuuuvvee!

Disclaimer: This is what I use! I am not a certified Dermatologist or a trained Cosmetologist. I just want to share what I have been using thus far, the changes I made and want to make on my journey. So, you are welcome to pass if it wouldn’t be of any help to you. Thnks.

Ps: I wasn’t paid to mention any of these products, so I wouldn’t say this is an ad, but I am welcome to get my schmoney if they should deem it fit to pay me, lol.

For my skin (body), these are the products I am currently using:

  1. Day Cream: I use Dove Moisturizing Body Lotion (any one from this range works for me), but I try to avoid aloe vera because of an experience I had with Vaseline aloe vera product some donkey years ago. I use this as my day cream and my body loves it. During the colder months like Autumn and Winter, I add Olive oil to my lotion to give my body the added moisture and sheen that the harsh weather robs it of.
  2. Night Cream: I use Cetaphil Moisturizing Cream during the warmer months like Spring and Summer because it contains humectants that helps to lock in the moisture in my skin. It is a little pricey that is why I use it at night, you can choose to use it for both night and day. But like I said, this is how I work it out with my own skin and my purse. Then, during the colder months, I use Portia M Marula Skin Oil. Bio-Oil was my go to before, but hey I found out this one which works just as good and it is cheaper, so why not? I use use a generous amount on my skin at night after shower, it absorbs into the skin very well and you can literally feel how smooth your skin gets in the morning after.
  3. Bath & Shower: I use Dove Beauty Cream Bar soap. I have tried the body wash before which works just as nice, but I chose to stick to the cream bar soap because why not? lol.
  4. Deodorants, Body Sprays & Body Mists: I prefer Garnier anti-perspirant (roll-on) because it works just perfect for me, as I do have a very sensitive underarm. I tried Dove for a while because of their enchanting ads but I didn’t like it. For Body Sprays, I hate sticking to one particular scent, so I switch alot but I find myself going back to my Adidas body spray range, nothing else comes close. For Body Mists, I used Natural Collection Green Apple for the longest, which I still love but I went back to Elizabeth Arden’s Green Tea body mist and I am loving it all over again. I might change it soon sha, because me and deos have a love and hate relationship. As for perfume, my husband recently got me the One Direction “You & I” Eau De Parfum which I am in love with. It has a fresh, young and enchanting scent, and it is long lasting.

Then for my Face, I will tell you what I am currently using but I want to make a switch soon. The reason being that, after I clocked 30, I started experiencing hormonal acne more often. It used to happen just as one of my period signs before, but now, it is kinda more, so yeah, I am currently dealing with that. The solution isn’t farfetched though, I need to tweak my diet a bit and I’d be halfway there…but bread wouldn’t let me be great and get my groove back.

  1. Facial Wash & Cleanser: I used the Cetaphil Pro-Acne Prone Foam Cleanser some months ago and it was very good. But I am currently using the Cetaphil Oil Skin Cleanser and it isn’t bad at all. Personally, I would say I prefer the former to the latter because I loved the way it declogged my pores.
  2. Facial Moisturizer: I am currently using the Cetaphil Pro Acne Prone Skin Moisturizing Lotion which I would rate a 6/10 because it doesn’t completely control the oil the face produces.
  3. Night Cream: I use Cetaphil Rich Night Cream with Hyaluronic Acid. I am even torn with this one sef… would I recommend it? I do not know because I cannot really say if it does work or not. But it sure lasts long though because a pea size amount is all you need. If I am not being too critical, I would say it is best for non-oily skin type.
  4. For Acne: I use Benzac AC 5 Gel and I must say this works. It has helped me alot in combating acne but it doesn’t clear the spots though. It attacks the bacterial causing the acne which helps in eliminating it.
  5. DIY Face Masque for Black Spot Elimination: This one is my own recipe, so try at your own peril, lol. Jokes aside, it works. Turmeric+honey+milk+bicarbonate of soda+fresh lemon juice. All in minute quantities, but the turmeric should be more as it is the main ingredient. I use this 2x or 3x a week, but if you want fast results, use as often. Me, I do not like stress at all so some weeks I use it just once sef. That is why I am not seeing results as fast as I want, and turmeric can be messy too so I get discouraged. This recipe of mine doesn’t leave much residue though because of the bicarbonate of soda in it.

I want to try “The Body Shop” range though, I would give an update after I use them. But first things first, I need to get their Tea Tree Oil because I have read so many good things about it.

So, there you have it. I told you it is a very normal skin routine, nothing spectacular. As for make-up, I cannot be of help in that department, lol. I use my Black Up two way cake powder once or twice a week and that’s it. Other days, I use just my moisturizing face cream and I am good to go. My brows are just existing on their own because I do absolutely nothing to them, lol. I kinda love bushy lashes anyways like Ty Bello’s, just that hers is more defined and mine, a little tlc would do. For my lips, I found this Dis-Chem Lip Therapy that works wonders for my lips, it is the best hack I ever stumbled upon and I wouldn’t trade it for nothing.

This was time consuming though, welp! I do hope you enjoy reading it.

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