How are you doing? Hope your life has been sweet? Today is for storytelling so walk with me.

So, my son had this loose tooth for the longest time. It was the most discomfiting situation for us all, but majorly for my son. To brush his teeth was stressful; to bite or chew wasn’t the most interesting thing to do on that side of his mouth. His smile was crooked and awkward. Worse of all, he had a new tooth forcing its way out that had pushed the loose tooth up the gum, which made it look like a vampire tooth, no jokes.

I prayed relentlessly for this tooth to come off; actually, it became a prayer point for the kids and I. Months passed by and this tooth got more stubborn. I never stopped praying or wishing, I kept hope alive. I am sure you are wondering why I was so concerned about a loose tooth, afterall it was going to fall off at some point, not a big deal. Well, I thought like that at first until I saw that the new tooth was almost full grown and the old one was still attached. Also, I was a little concerned about having to visit the dentist for tooth extraction for such a young child and for something that was meant to fall off naturally. It made me mad.

Then an opportunity came for my son to do a piano showcase for his school’s social media page and I said to him “David, I just pray that this your ugly looking poking tooth would come off before your showcase because how in the world will you be singing with your tooth looking like that.” This was a few days before the supposed showcase. Then that evening, while I was brushing his teeth, the loose tooth came flying out. It wasn’t even up to 5hours I made that prayer so casually. To tell you we all were elated would be understating our excitement. I know it may not seem like much or a big deal, but permit me to explain why it was that big of a deal for me.

I once watched a video made by Jackie Hill-Perry on a similar situation. Of course, it wasn’t about a loose tooth, but about how she casually made a prayer about her seatbelt which wasn’t working well and boom, it started working after that prayer. And she was like, God didn’t have to answer that prayer because she actually wasn’t serious about it, albeit hopeful, but He did because He is a good good Father. Same thing I felt when David’s tooth fell off that day. God didn’t have to answer my prayer about the tooth falling off before my son’s showcase but He did and quickly. This scripture comes to mind, Matthew 7:11 – “If you then, being evil, know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more will your Father who is in heaven give good things to those who ask Him!”

The reason we make casual prayers could be that we think the petition is not that deep, or we don’t wanna disturb God with our silly requests. But if He could answer, we won’t mind at all. It could also be that we aren’t hopeful our request will be granted so we make open-ended prayer requests. Afterall, getting hurt and disappointed would hurt more. But I am here to tell you that there is no prayer that God doesn’t answer. The problem is, either we aren’t patient enough (timing) or we do not like to take a No for an answer.

The story of the loose tooth affirmed my faith; it made me hope again for prayers I have been making in and out of doubts and unbeliefs. It awakened my spirit to hope again, to believe again, to ask boldly in prayer and to trust God the more. The story of the loose tooth made my faith come alive, to trust God with prayers I was scared to pray. God is a good God and He withholds nothing from His children. And this is the confidence we have in approaching Him; that if we ask anything according to His will, He hears us (1 John 5:14).

So, what have you been praying for with one side of your mouth because you are scared to commit totally? I urge you to ask boldly; He is your Father, He answers all of your prayers. Even a no is a good answer. As for the casual prayers you pray, believe He hears and answers them. How can God who has your name tatted in the palm of His hands ever forget you? God is for you and never against you.

Say a prayer today and believe He hears and will answer you.

Chat to you soon enough.


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