The UNKNOWN – a Gift for the Season.

I was in my thinking space – the bathroom, when many random thoughts were swirling in my head. Gosh, was I enjoying it, lol. I love it when I allow my mind wonder. I think it is the best place to be. While I am quite selfish in sharing the outcome of those random moments… today, I want to let you in on a thing.

The keyword today is UNKNOWN. The definition is quite simple – not known or familiar (thanks Google). While I was in the shower, the thought of how beautiful it is not to know stuff about my life suddenly looked interesting to me. Like seriously, I think it is one of God’s special gifts in a fallen world such as ours. The irony though is the struggle to want to know what will happen to our plans in the future. We have our short-term goals and long-term goals properly written so we don’t go out of line. We have money saved for emergencies and investments for our children and children’s children.

I know the excitement that comes with having life figured out even if for the shortest period. But have you ever wondered about the precious gift of not knowing what the future holds? Have you ever thanked God for making “tomorrow” a closed book until you enter it? The gift of the unknown is a gift of many course corrections. It is a gift of unraveling the ribbons of many surprises inside life’s boxes. It is a gift of allowing oneself make mistakes and not be depressed about it because you realise another opportunity will definitely come.

If only we knew that God not revealing all of life’s plans to His children at once was a gift, how we will live in wonder. My kids wake up every morning with so much excitement for the day because they believe it is morning and the sun would come out of hiding soon enough. They believe they are going to play and do all their favourite stuff. How about we retire to bed today, knowing we could start over again tomorrow. How about we go to bed thanking God for His mercies that are new every morning, because we know that whatever the day may bring, He’s got a plan already in place.

The fact that the year is rounding off is enough to render some people sick, because they feel they didn’t do enough in 2021. Now, 2022 is coming and yet, they do not seem to have concrete plans too. Chill! Thank God for the unknown. Entrust Him with it and do the ones you do know to do and do them well. We really love to complicate life, innit? Yes, write your goals and chart your life however way you want but please hold those plans loosely so that when a course correction is needed, you wouldn’t be stuck in the pages of your short-term and long-term goals.

Begin to see the unknown as an opportunity to make mistakes and learn lessons from them. See the unknown as a gift from God to have as many course corrections as you can in your lifetime. See the unknown as something you’ve entrusted to God because He is able to keep that which you have committed unto Him against the day (2Timothy 1:12, my paraphrase).

The Unknown is a gift, do not let the world pressure you into having all your ducks in a row. Enjoy the adventure of life in 2022. Have resolutions if you may, but be free from the bondage of not falling short. Wake up with the excitement of not knowing what the future holds but knowing you have a God that holds it in His hands. Get excited about Faith, for it allows us have substance for things only seen with the eyes of hope. Life is so much more than resolutions and planning. Life is so rich, and limiting it to living out the plans in your little journal is stifling your wonder.

2022 is almost here, be excited about it. Refuse to have everything figured out because on this journey, course corrections are most welcome.


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