A Daisy for You!

Hello there,

Happy Holidays. Compliments of the Season. Merry Christmas!

Okay, so I wasn’t planning on writing any blog post today but the brain behind the technical aspect of this website decided to wake me up with: “End of year newsletter for DreamingFeet o”. Just imagine, who wakes somebody up with that sort of message? Yemi, please try to mind your business sometimes. Thank you! (rolls eyes 10x).

Anyways, here I am now… typing…, hopefully you’d love it when I am done, lol.

I started this blog on the 8th of December 2020, a little over a year ago. I did not mark the birthday because, I did not keep that date in my head. More than this blog has blessed others, it has changed me radically. Never in a thousand years will I envision myself actually carrying on in the midst of so much uncertainty, self-doubt, lack of motivation/inspiration and adversity, but I did. Honestly, I am so proud of myself and I can bet on myself now to achieve whatever I set my heart to.

With all that said, I do not think there would even be a DreamingFeet blog without Dami & Yemi, my lifelong friends. I came up with the idea that we started a blog together and write our life experiences there because we have some really funny, crazy and interesting stories to tell. Then we got to work, but soon, my friends decided to push me into it and they stepped back. Be mindful of the friends you keep because they can push you into your destiny whether you are ready or not, lol. My friends pushed me into this literally. Yemi jumped in and designed the website for FREE. Dami got on with prayers and words of advice and so much wisdom. Now tell me, how I am supposed to take the accolades alone for this blog? They are the true brains behind this space and I am forever grateful for friends like Dami & Yemi.

Then there is you, yes you, an avid reader of all the posts I make here. I am so grateful for your consistency; grateful that you count me worthy enough to click that link in your email. You read every post, shared atimes and sent a comment privately or openly…. Gosh! I am so grateful. You are the reason I wanna keep writing even if just for you alone. So come 2022, don’t go nowhere, invite your friends and enemies alike, lol.

I don’t know your favourite posts but here are some that are really dope: Geyser Joy, The UNKNOWN – a Gift for the Season., CHEER. ENCOURAGE. GRIT., DISGUISING HYPOCRITE, I think all of them are dope so why not just reread them, oh and share too.

I am looking forward to 2022 with Psalm 32:8-9 as my guide and hope. I pray you will open up your heart to the wisdom of God that surpasses all human understanding in the coming year so you will be fulfilled in everything you set your mind and hands to.

With all my love & a daisy,

Merry Christmas and a Happy Happy New Year.


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