Farabale is a Yoruba word that means “Calm Down” or “Be Patient”

That was the what the Holy Spirit told me this morning – FARABALE!

I was talking to the Holy Spirit in the shower yesterday about how tired I was of operating in my own strength. I spoke out loud that I have come to the end of myself on a particular issue and I was tired, and if I could hear anything from Him at that point I’d appreciate it, or better still, since I was emotionally exhausted from operating out of my very small strength, I wouldn’t mind a conversation in the night time. Long story short, I slept all night, didn’t even wake up to pee and didn’t hear anything. I bet He knew I needed that deep sleep because I was emotionally drained.

I woke up this morning a little disappointed, but I went ahead to listen to a teaching on my phone. After I sent my son off to school and bid my husband goodbye for work, right there behind the door I only just closed on them in my kitchen, I heard the Holy Spirit speak to me. He said “There are things you must just FARABALE and walk into. You cannot get them by muscle or by hard girl or by power, if God has told you it is done, then best believe it is done. So, farabale and walk into them and be grateful, that is all. No need to be flexing muscle up and down in shouting, praying, fasting or trying to make the answers appear in your own strength. It is not by muscle, it is by calming your heart down and activating patience.”

I felt a weight lifted off of me immediately. My heart felt lighter because I had been condemning myself and my actions even after I had asked for forgiveness and all. One thing I have learnt and heard my Bible teachers say is this “Patience is not passive, it is active, it is very alive and powerful.” So, I knew the Holy Spirit wasn’t just asking me to relax and enter into “que sera sera mode” no! Rather, He wanted me to remember what God had told me about that particular situation before and hold on to that truth instead of wasting my time and emotional strength on something that has already been done.

Like I always say, I do not know how people live on this earth without the Holy Spirit, it is too hard to do. Like he makes everything easier literally. He offers comfort when we need it. He teaches and counsels. He guides and instructs. He tells us things yet to happen, c’mon where else can you get that guarantee/assurance on this side of eternity?

My word for you today is to FARABALE – calm down and calm your heart down. Stop it from racing non-stop by resting in what God has told you in His Word because it never fails, it is a surety for your life. And if you are anything like me that likes to help God carrying out what He says He will do by flexing your muscles and tweaking things here and there or manipulating things to work faster, farabale and trust God, He doesn’t need your help, He is more than capabale to handle His and your stuff.

Psalm 94:19 says “When anxiety was great within me, your consolation brought me joy.”

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