Create a System. Use Filters.

The past week was one that placed me in a position of constantly making choices; a choice between joy and sadness, good and evil, peace and chaos, blessings and curses… it was one that tested my faith severely but I am not mad at all because it pushed me to lean more on the Holy Spirit than what I could do for/by myself. I learnt to pray as many times in a day as I needed to because setting a so-called appropriate time to pray wasn’t working. I prayed while I was sitting, eating, cooking, bathing, sleeping, having conversations…just about anytime. You may want to ask what the prayer was about or if it was spiritual enough to pray without a schedule? Well, to answer the latter first – the bible says to pray without ceasing. And to answer the former, the prayers were about me staying in the finished work of Christ and taking hold of what Jesus died for me to have which included healing.

The devil is constantly speaking lies into our heads and if we aren’t careful, the words will grow their roots deep down into the soil of our mushy hearts and before long, we start looking like the lies we have been told. While we are aware that the devil is always at his best in sowing seeds of evil, you also can be an accomplice by going out of your way to feed on stuff that are very detrimental to your mental and spiritual health. Social media is an amazing platform but if not properly utilized, it could be a source of death – death of the essence of self and the true identity of who we are in Christ. If the devil could crawl into the garden of Eden, what is Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or Snapchat that he cannot crawl/fly into? Be not deceived: evil communication corrupts good manners (1Corinthians 15:33 KJV).

Create a system in which you use filters in accessing any information thrown at you, in whatever form or manner they appear. You may ask, what are these filters? Say you have been assigned to go to an unknown place where the only thing you can depend on is a map that you have been given to help you navigate and that’s all. Tell me, if you arrive there and decide to start navigating the unknown land with your limited senses, are you ever going to make it to your destination? No. That is how life is: we have been given a manual which is the Word of God (Bible), it would be foolish to navigate life without it. Let the Bible be your filter, there is nothing in existence that you will ever need guidance that isn’t in the Bible. You just have to learn to use it for your life. The Holy Spirit being our teacher and counsellor is another filter, employ his office to helping you navigate life as well. But note that he doesn’t act independently outside the Word of God.

As you enter into this new week, I do hope you think about your thoughts carefully and make your choices through the filter of God’s word. The world isn’t considerate in dishing out its opinions to you so why consider the world in choosing to guard your mind by filtering what they are selling to you? Like the saying goes: you cannot stop a bird from flying over your head but you do have a choice on letting it make a nest on your head. Filter what you are letting in, not healthy? Discard immediately. And remind yourself of who you are all the time: you are a child of God whom he is crazily in love with. You were bought at a price and you have been translated from the kingdom of darkness into the kingdom of light. Do not settle for mediocre thoughts, choices or life. Remember that the thief has come only to steal, kill and to destroy, therefore guard your heart jealously!

  1. So true , The world deceives but the Bible which carries the word of God will never lie to us.???We Christians must know our truth so that the devil cannot use us or lie to us.

  2. This is so relatable… I have been struggling to fit to a scheduled time for prayer ans had decided to pray anytime and anywhere. And it does work because God sees our hearts! ?

    It is indeed important to filter what we let into our hearts and mind, with the help of the Holy spirit. The bible asks us not to sadden the Holy Spirit, and one way of avoiding that is by applying filters!

    Thank you Ize for shaking this table! Especially instagram, youtube etc… It gon kee someone!

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