For the Love of Doctors

So on Saturday last week, while I was taking a night shower, it impressed in my heart by the holy spirit to pray for Doctors. While I didn’t know why at the time, I immediately went ahead to pray for them right there and then. In the moment of prayer, I was taken back in thought to when I was very young and in dire need of a miracle from doctors or anyone that could help my condition.

Growing up I had a lot of skin conditions, I had boils, scabies, ringworms, irritations e.t.c, well, not just me, but my siblings as well. But mine went ahead to be a very much aggressive form of fungal infection. boarding Schools didn’t do much to help anyways. The fungal infection destroyed my fingernails and toenails so much so that someone called me leprous. I wouldn’t blame her though because my hands and fingernails were a write-off. I had a habit of folding my hands into a fist so I could hide the way they looked but that never helped anyways because they just couldn’t stay hidden. Either they were itchy, oozing or red hot irritated.

My mom took me to several doctors in different states of Nigeria. We went to some of the best hospitals with well profiled Dermatologists like the National Assembly hospital, still there was no solution. The doctors kept prescribing fulcin for me, a very strong antibiotic at that, yet there was no improvement. If at all there was, it was very short-lived. It got to a point where my fulcin consumption became a source of concern to my mom. She was worried that it might affect my brain or worse.

I recall a time during my JSSCE long holiday when my mom was told I should be taken to some alternative herbal centre where they could help my case. They were 100% certain I would be cured of my plague. When my mom asked what the treatment was, she was told that an acid would be dropped on each of my fingernail that was affected, which meant all of my fingernails and some of my toenails. The only downside to the process was that it came with excruciating pain, pain that could make one pass out. She couldn’t even reconsider the option after that, her answer was a huge resounding NO!

I became a case of experiment for many alternative medications but none truly worked. I was dewormed frequently because we were told there could be poisonous worms inside my stomach causing the problem. We were even told my blood was dirty and needed cleansing. There was nothing we didn’t hear. My mom and I went through it but she never gave up on me.

One fateful day, my mom told me we were going to see some doctor that just came in to town and was really good. He wasn’t a dermatologist per se but he could give useful advice, so we went together. The doctor was a young, warm and accommodating man. He listened to my rocky fungus journey and how we got to where we were.  When we were done, he smiled and wrote down a prescription that looked really simple. We were sort of in doubt because we expected the list to be long because mehn, we had been through it. He assured us it was going to work and I was going to be okay, we said thanks and left. My mom had to send someone to Benin to get the medication because we couldn’t find it anywhere around. When it arrived, I realised it was a simple tincture that was to be applied like a nail polish. My mom helped to cut the damaged fingernails very deep to my skin, then she cleaned them with methylated spirit before applying the tincture.

Within a space of a few days, I saw brand new nails growing out. It was like we had won a jackpot…Oh my! I still can recall every emotion I felt. I was ecstatic, and my mom, she was over the moon. That was the beginning of a new life for me and my nails. I could take on the world and I believed it deep inside of me. I was so confident and filled with gusto. That doctor changed my entire life and I’d be forever grateful.

The flip side of this story is that that same doctor that helped me was murdered a few years later. It was the most devastating news I ever heard. I want to believe he is in heaven right now because he was such a wonderful person. I often think of “what if I never met him when I did? What if… just what if…? I know God would have come through another way, but how long would I have had to suffer with that ailment though? The more I think about it, the more I understand the fact that doctors are treasures that should be protected.

I am a firm believer in divine healing and God has healed me on several occasions miraculously but I don’t know where I would be today due to the different life threatening sicknesses I’ve had in the past when I knew little to nothing about divine healing except for God to work through the hands of doctors because that was all the faith I had then. And truthfully, He never failed.

God bless and protect all doctors and medical workers out there. I pray divine wisdom which is profitable to direct be given to them by God for the sake of humanity, in a world with so many known and unknown diseases killing people on a daily. I pray also for a heart so big yet so tender to keep living fearlessly and boldly in the medical field in Jesus name, Amen.

  1. ??Your story is very inspiring and it’s shows your mom’s character and how her faith and love for you opened up and moved God and he brought the right doctor and a right time.I also prayer for all the doctors all over the world to be protected in these unprecedented times and to be given strength .

  2. Wow! What a touching testimony.
    A mother’s faith and support can move mountains!
    Thank you for the prayers.
    As a doctor, I always seek God so I can be sensible to His Voice and be able to help x or z patient according to Hiw Will. He is the great healer!
    May the soul of the kind-hearted Dr rest in peace!

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