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Hello y’all,

It’s been a while yeah, I know, I know (face palm)…abeg make una no vess for me. I just felt like taking a break because my mind was in a haze.

But before we catch up for real for real, let me tell you a testimony of mine, because today, we celebrating. Whoop Whoop!!!

Ready. Set. Go!

So, on this day, 6years ago, we welcomed our first born son David. His birth was nothing short of a miracle and I feel like I have done alot of disservice to someone out there who might just need to hear it in the nick of time. But chill, I will give just a summary here because the story is too long. I will tell it all someday soon.

The part of the story I want to speak on today is about the fact that God does work wonders because…man, words fail me whenever I think about it. So, my husband was scheduled to travel to Ethiopia for a conference on the 13th of September, 2015, and he was packing his luggage the evening before his scheduled flight. I had made moi-moi earlier which we ate, so we were just goofing around and strategizing how this pregnant woman was going to cope while her husband was away.

Well, after the moi-moi and garri don enter belle, I decided it was time I took a shower and prep for bed. It was in the shower that I felt like down there was feeling a little funny. I sha had my bath and went to the room to get dressed. I never even finish rub cream for face when I felt something cold flowing down my legs. I looked down, behold it wasn’t my water that broke oh, incase you are wondering, it was blood! as in, heavy clots of blood. Do not be too shocked though because I had a very very HIGH RISK PREGNANCY.

I called the husbandman to come see something asap, and no I didn’t scream, duh. He came through but as soon as he saw me, he went into shock because I was already in a pool of blood, even tap no do pass the kain force wey the blood dey comot with. Well, I asked him to call our friend because he lived not far away and we didn’t have a car then. This guy had his phone in his hand but he was searching everywhere for that phone. I told him to calm down, give me the phone and I will make the call myself. Before you start asking why he was panicking, let me do the answering – I was told by several doctors that I could die if I started bleeding and didn’t get to the hospital in 10minutes maximum. So, you can imagine the fear and torment he was in. Who wants to lose their newly-wed? And my brothers will not even want to hear story sef, lol.

Trust me to change the story for the devil. I started speaking in tongues because ain’t nobody got time for pity party of fearful tantrums. I was changing sanitary towels and speaking in tongues, quoting repeatedly that “I WILL NOT DIE BUT LIVE TO DECALRE THE GOODNESS OF GOD IN THE LIFE OF THE LIVING WHERE I WILL TAKE CARE OF MY SON AND MY FAMILY.” I didn’t stop oh till we got to the hospital. The gist of what happened at the hospital is a story for another day but let us focus on the lesson for today, so we do not lose focus.

God made it in such a way that the emergency that the enemy thought he had planned to take my life and my baby’s happened when my husband was still home. Tell me about Him being the Alpha & Omega! Just imagine if it happened when I was home alone? Oh well, his trip was automatically cancelled and he was with me the whole time. I am writing this today because that child that was born that night turned Six today. Everytime I see him celebrate another year, I celebrate 2x because God also saved my life on that day, 6years ago. HAPPY 6TH BIRTHDAY, SON.

To be covered by God Himself is a sure flex in this wicked world because I often wonder how people survive outside of His shelter. Psalm 91:2 & Proverbs 18:10 is a surety for those that have invited Him in. Would you invite Him in today? Man, the benefits are inexhaustible, I must admit.

So, it’s been so good catching up. Write you soon.

Do have a blessed week.



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