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Your playlist says alot about you. What you listen to have so much power to alter your life positively or negatively. When you listen to a song, you take in both the beat and the words into your mind in the form of lyrics/words. Then you proceed to mime the lyrics which comes out of your mouth in the form of singing. The words you sing to begins to bear fruit in your life and after a while you become “that” which you have been singing over time.

There is nothing that comes out of your mouth that is just casual, and that includes the lyrics you mime to. But because you do not know this for a fact, the devil rides on your ignorance and thrives on the negative words you have spoken over yourself specially. Being cautious about the music lyrics you listen to and sing is as much a spiritual act as well as taking responsible action of guarding your mind space. In Proverbs 23:7a, it is stated that “for as a man thinketh in his heart so is he”.

You may say you do not think about the lyrics but you just sing it, so no big deal. Then my question will be, why do you go through different emotions whilst listening to a song? So you see that the more you sing songs with healthy and life changing lyrics over yourself, the healthier your thought life will be and inadvertently your life in general. Just in case you are in doubt, download songs with negative and dirty lyrics on your phone and listen to them for a week nonstop and see what happens. Or you could be wise and try with godly songs that have life changing lyrics, and see how transformed your life will be in just a week. If words can affect plants, animals and non-living things, is it your life that cannot be affected by the words you are listening and singing to?

After all has been said, please permit me to ask, what is on your playlist today?


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