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How have you been since the last time you visited Dreaming Feet? As for me, I have been living life and thinking in stories. I was born to tell stories I must say; give me a chance to shadow you for one day and I will have a whole book, give me 1hr and I will have a whole chapter. The way my brain is wired is to interpret life in stories.

I want to tell you a story – true life, so fasten your seatbelts and enjoy.

The other day, my husband came home with yellow roses that looked like they were malnourished. They looked so skinny and the petals looked like they weren’t fully budded. Their yellow colour didn’t look like the sunshine, they looked more like the moon. I am a recovering grumbler, complainer and perfectionist; so in my sinful state, I told my husband that the roses didn’t look like roses, they looked different (okay, maybe I said more than that). I wasn’t actually mad at him, I was mad at the store he got them from, because they are supposedly the best around. Let us just say I was tad disappointed, okay, okay, maybe a whole lot (rolls eyes).

My husband (the better, calmer and never complaining person), tried explaining to me that the rose petals were going to open up in days’ time so I must just chill and watch. I told him I begged to differ because I didn’t see that happening. He reminded me of when he got similar roses a while back but in a different colour, but I still didn’t agree. He further went on to tell me it was the same roses that lasted for almost two weeks. I even travelled and came back home and they were still alive, but I wasn’t still convinced.

Two days later, after placing them nonchalantly in a vase and adding the flower food, I saw the rose buds opening up. I cleaned my eyes to make sure I was seeing well, and I sure was seeing well. They looked so beautiful as they bloomed. I kept quiet and didn’t say anything. The following days, I couldn’t keep my mouth shut anymore, so I called my husband and told him what I was seeing, he actually didn’t pay any mind to the flowers because he knew what he said was gonna happen. I told him I was sorry I didn’t believe him, and that I acted foolishly thinking I knew it all. He said it was fine and that he didn’t even remember again. The yellow roses spoke some life lessons to my heart and here’s three of them. I would keep the rest for myself, lol.

Firstly, to Never be too forward – this was something I did. I felt I knew a lot about flowers, not knowing I didn’t know jack. My husband was right this time as with many other times and I was wrong. I only threw the flowers out a few days ago after they stayed for 2+ weeks. They were the most beautiful yellow roses I ever got. My husband has gotten me a lot of roses in their variety but the yellow roses, I will live to remember for the rest of my life because it taught me some lessons.

Patience makes things bloom – this is another lesson I learnt. I only needed to wait a few more days to see the beauty in those flowers. My husband had mentioned that the day he got them was the day the store received fresh deliveries, so they were very fresh. I felt they sold him something shabby at a ridiculous price and I wasn’t having it, totally oblivious of the fact that he got them at a stage that would give me more value for money. The fully budded roses wouldn’t stay as long as the ones that weren’t fully budded.

Ever wonder about the numerous opportunities or ideas that may have appeared strategically in our lives in the form of partially budded roses which we turned down because they didn’t look like they were in full bloom? All those ideas needed was someone who would water them, trim their roots (prayerfully consider them) and not expose them to direct sunlight (people/world) too early. I do not know if you are anything like me in this story, I would like to be the first to tell you, it’s not a very wise way to live. Think thoughtfully, strategically and prayerfully about things before jumping into conclusion.


Love ya.

  1. Yes! Yes! Yes!
    …God created cycles and seasons to demonstrate this phenomenon. Like the Bible says, “…time and chance happening to all things”. So also, growth is a function of opportunity and season, all in God’s time, and totally, all in God’s time.
    Beautiful read again, my dear wife!

  2. This resonates so well.
    We all need to excercise patient in our growth journey because often what might be presented in the initial may not be exactly what we prayed for or desired.
    I think the lessons shared are very valid for me to hold on to. Thank you for sharing.

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