With All You’ve Got, LIVE!

Hello there,

A good day to send you a sweet and subtle reminder…(smiles).

I woke up with a few thoughts roaming my mind – thoughts of good and not of evil though, lol. While death may not be the most interesting topic in any conversation, it is something we all will go through at one point or the other, so why treat it as a taboo? To be clear, I am not dying anytime soon, rather I will live until I am old and have exhausted all that God has kept in me by the grace and mercies of God Almighty and for as long as He tarries. This is already settled by God through the revelation of His Word.

You know, sometimes I think about those that have left us – family and friends alike, and I’m like, people have actually come and gone, a whole lot of people. But If we know this, why do we live life like it all ends here? Why do people carry resentment in their hearts for so long with anger and malicious behaviour? Why do people work so hard to amass wealth (trust me, nothing bad with being rich) but why keep it when you do not know the time or the hour Jesus would return or you die even? Why do people live life with such carelessness like they own their own lives? When the very breath in our lungs isn’t ours, but Gods’. Why do people live with so much hatred for their fellow humans when there is no assurance of seeing the person tomorrow? Why do people live bullying others through greed and disservice? I could go on and on with the question, but do well to ask yourself those.

I honestly do not think people know how short and transient life is, truth be told. Like, even if you live long, you cannot live longer than 130years, in which the most meaningful of the 130years are but 70-80 years therein. The funny thing is this – everything physical, in terms of wealth and riches you have ever strived for on this side of eternity, you ain’t taking nowhere. Even if you are buried in the most expensive casket, with all the money in the world, you will still appear before God empty handed. Having this in mind should make each and every one of us live with such passion, warmth, love, integrity, joy, peace, positivity, light and openness knowing that tomorrow is only promised if God tarries.

Here I am today reminding you to LOVE boldly and recklessly. Be TRUTHFUL in all that you do. Be the one person that will be known for INTEGRITY wherever you find yourself. Be KIND to everyone because the world needs it now more than ever. Have alot of belle laughs for the driest jokes. Be adventurous, go out, see the world, make friends and disciples too. Preach the gospel wherever you find yourself, especially through your character and the way you live. Make mistakes but be more than willing to admit you are wrong, then learn and move on. Forgive easily. Eat and be merry but remember to share with those who do not have. If you are in a position of authority, do not use your position to stifle the voices of your subordinates. You are light! Why hide behind darkness? Shine so bright for the world to see. Give of yourself in a world that is practising the contrary.

With all you’ve got, live this life like it is an opportunity that cannot come by twice.

“Jesus said to her, ‘I am the resurrection and the life. Those who believe in Me, even though they die, will live, and everyone who lives and believes in me will never die.’ ” – John 11:25-26.

Love you.

  1. Thank you for this truth that depicts the very essence of life. Am inspired once again to Live and keep Living beautifully

  2. The Lord has kept us on the side of the divide as pedestrians to help other pedestrians. Our rewards transcend beyond these earthly gains.

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