Let it Go!

Singing “let it go… let it go…, you don’t have to hold it in…, let it go…, let it go…”

Lol, but seriously, LET IT GO!

That grudge, that debt, that offence, that maltreatment done to you…, let it go please.

I’ll tell you a true story which will hopefully help you see the reason I am asking you to let things go.

Okay, so we had to move out of an apartment a while back because the rent kept spiking without any improvements or renovations and it made no sense whatsoever. After we got out, it was time to get our refund and both the agent and the landlord started acting all shady.

An apartment we lived in for about 3years, of course there would be minor renovations to be done like cleaning and painting, so we actually were ready for deductions to be made from our deposit. But no, the agent started blabbing nonsense. He said we left the house dirty which was false by the way because I am clean clean to a fault. For my friends to say I have OCD, you should know I clean up real nice. Moreover, I was brought up to take care of someone’s else’s stuff better than mine, so that man was lying. But isn’t it only normal to paint an apartment after a tenant leaves? If not for anything, for the sake of bugs et al.

Well, this agent started giving us attitude and acting out. We proceeded to sending an email to the landlord because we didn’t have his phone number and the agent wouldn’t give it to us, but he said we were to conclude with the agent. Long story short, the agent and the landlord took our money which was over R10,000 and cut us off.

At first, we wanted to get a lawyer, which was a wise decision by the way, but on praying about it, we felt led to let it go. It seriously didn’t make any sense at the time because we needed that money so badly, but we decided to trust God and use that money as a seed towards our future. We paid the deposit for the new apartment using our credit card since our previous deposit was gone. To say I was mad and angry at the unfair treatment was an understatement but my husband kept telling me to just let it go.

Around that same time, there was a teaching in one of my modules from Bible School where our Instructor taught on a similar scenario. He told of how he was also cheated and he converted it into a seed which did yield fruit that he knew he was enjoying because he never lacked. I was encouraged to let go and rest assured God got us.

I am glad to say we paid off the credit card debt in the shortest time possible. In a year of drought, we had more than enough and we recovered all; we had one of the best landlords ever in the next apartment we moved to and dealt with the landlord directly which was better by far instead of agent wahala. Although, we do not stay in that apartment any longer, but we did enjoy our stay there. God healed our hearts and took good care of us and met ALL our needs. What they thought they cheated us on became a seed we have been enjoying the fruits ever since.

Yes we lost some, but we gained more because we listened to the Holy Spirit. Are there times I still feel the heat rush up my face and I want to swear at that agent? Oh yes! but I tell myself it has been sorted and I take a deep breath and let it go. Being cheated isn’t fun and can cause a deep seated hurt inside; be it emotional, financial or whatever, no one is pleasing I must say, but please LET IT GO today. Allow yourself heal so you can enjoy the restoration that God has for you.

Isaiah 61:7amp says “Instead of your former shame you will have a double portion; And instead of humiliation you will shout for joy over their portion. Therefore, in the land, you will posses double (what you have forfeited); Everlasting joy will be yours. (My paraphrase)

Have a blessed week.


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