His ways are not our ways neither are his plans our plans. While this is a known truth, I’ve realised I could be a block head sometimes and it takes a little distortion of my normalcy for the Holy Spirit to pass an important message across to me. Yeah, I know it doesn’t make sense but I am a work in progress so relax, God isn’t done with me yet.

You know that popular saying, “favour isn’t fair”? Well, the true meaning of that statement is that God deals with His children based on a Covenant relationship and not based on our performance. That is why it may seem as though we sometimes enjoy things we know for certain we do not deserve.

Take a quick look at Abraham; he gave his beloved wife on two different occasions because he was afraid his own life might be in danger (talk about selfishness). What did God do? He showed up and fought on Abraham’s behalf. He caused severe plagues to ravage the household of Pharaoh on one account and Abimelech was warned not to touch Sarah by any chance on another account. Both Pharaoh and Abimelech were not able to touch Sarah because God had a covenant relationship with Abraham, he was God’s own and so was Sarah.

Now, let’s shake this table wey kuku get k-leg before a liru bit, shall we? Okay, recall the times (just a few) you knew for sure you didn’t deserve the blessings you got. Let me make it easy for you; can you count all the sins you commit in a day? And do you ask for forgiveness for all of them? What if your sins were to be imputed to you, will you say still be deserving of the blessings you enjoy on a daily? The priceless, precious gift of life you have right now? Heck no! we all are very underserving but Jesus makes us worthy, and that is the blood covenant we have through Christ. There are countless number of covenant blessings we know and enjoy and many we do not even know, but does it stop God from blessing us? No! because God isn’t man that operates on scratch my back and I will scratch yours basis. He is a covenant keeping God.

So do you know what we are going to do? We are going to search the scriptures for those covenant rights and privileges that God has ascribed to us. Then we are going to chew on them and digest them thoroughly, via the help of the Holy Spirit. In doing that, our hearts and minds are opened to understanding the true meaning of what they are, so we aren’t just throwing confessions into the air without understanding their true meaning. It is the joy and good pleasure of Christ that we enjoy the benefits of these covenants, so let us feast!

Exodus 19:5 (AMP): Now therefore, if you will in fact obey My voice and keep My covenant (agreement), then you shall be My own special possession and treasure from among all peoples of the world, for all the earth is Mine.


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