A Soggy Jollof Pasta Kinda Day.

I had one of the longest days and this photo of the lion is a perfect representation of how I looked today, literally.


  1. Juggling school + homeschooling + preps for exam + being a wife & mom
  2. Expecting visitors and thought to prep a sumptuous meal; our electric stove gave up on me halfway to my food being ready and I ended up with soggy jollof mince pasta. How do you serve that?
  3. Started another meal prep, halfway there, load shedding (power cut) happened.
  4. Hadn’t had a decent meal all day + winter cold + tiredness.
  5. Lost my cool severally, was worn out and mad at everything.


When I felt overwhelmed…I clung to the rock that was higher than I (Psalm 61:2 my paraphrase). He exchanged the stress of my very hectic day with His warm embrace and soothing love. I really don’t know how anyone does life without the Holy Spirit, I wouldn’t be able to cope at all because I have experienced the difference. I know for certain that when I call on Him, He steps into any situation I find or may have placed myself and everything changes, literally.

Do you have days such as this? A Soggy Jollof Pasta kinda day? Don’t go through it alone, the Holy Spirit is our very present help in times of need, ask Him for help, He will show up and help out!

  1. A soggy jollof pasta kind of day!… lol. I certainly get them. What shall we do without the Holy Spirit? Thanks Ize.

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