How I Maintain a Stable & Healthy Weight/Lifestyle (Inside).

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Some people have been wondering and asking how I have been able to keep my weight in check even after having two kids. The truth is, while I may not at my pre-baby weight, I have been able to maintain my weight at 3-4kg more than what I used to be pre-babies.

So, I thought to share a few tips and tricks on how I maintain my weight and keep a healthy lifestyle. It will be in two parts (Inside & Outside). I will write about the inside today…then outside later. This is something you should pay for but I just said to give you for free because you visit my blog regularly. So without any further ado, here you go.

Disclaimer: I am not a medical practitioner neither am I an expert on this. This is what has worked for me thus far, so be free to jump and pass if you feel it messes up your religion. Also, if you have any health condition, this may not be for you. Thanks.

  1. MODERATION & SELF-CONTROL: This, to me is the most effective key to weight loss and a healthy balanced lifestyle honestly. I cannot overemphasize this point but I will just drop this Bible verse so it hits your senses well. “A person without self-control is like a city with broken-down walls.” (Proverbs 25:28). Eat in moderation. you know when you are eating too much but you keep eating because why? No self-control. I eat all classes of food, including the sweet stuff but in moderation, self-control and good conscience.
  2. Common Sense: I use this very often but I have realised this isn’t very common though because the way some people eat, you will think they are hoodlums. Just tell me how you wouldn’t know that if you have indulged in eating say: sweets, cakes, fizzy drinks, cookies et al in one day, you should cut them off for the next few days or just take a little of it in a day so you can eat it again another day? Well, like I said, this kind of sense isn’t common.
  3. Good Conscience: Well, many people’s conscience may have been seared/shipwrecked like Paul said in 1Timothy 1:19 when it comes to food because I see no reason why someone will eat a large portion of food, eat 2-4pieces of meat, add fish to it, and then take soft drink or juice to wash everything down to damnation (rolls eyes), na only you waka come? Will you stop it now! Why should you eat more than a piece of meat? What are the other three doing to your body? Oh I see they make you add stripes to your thighs because by those stripes you shall lose weight abi? Continue! Well, as for me, I try to keep my conscience in a healthy condition so it tells me when I am not doing justice with my food options. You should try it too.
  4. Water: this applies to both drinking and bathing. Don’t even ask how, because I know some people find it difficult to do the latter. But as for the former – Drinking, no long story, just drink a minimum of 2litres a day and come and thank me later. It does wonders to your whole body system. I see my body like a food processing engine; after it has worked the whole day, the best thing I can do for it is to wake up the following day and flush out yesterday’s remnant so it is clean. How do I mean? Wake up and drink a big cup of warm water (add lemon if you feel like, I add to mine but not compulsory), it helps to clean out toxins from your system before you set it to work again.
  5. Intermittent Fasting: hmmm, this has saved me, literally. It is simple: fast for 16hours and eat within 8hour window. I do not mean you should eat without caution within the 8hour period oh, before you will prepare a feast and devour it because you did intermittent fasting. I do not follow this strictly because I have my own method that works for me but if you want details on this, send me an email. I will help you out.
  6. Smoothies: I wouldn’t say I have a strong affection for vegetables but my motto is this: when I cannot eat them, I blend them and drink them because I know they are very important for my well-being. So, if you can eat ’em veggies, please eat them and if you are anything like me, drink them, all join.
  7. Garlic: I do not want to lie that I have a scientific explanation as to why I swallow chopped garlic like pills, but hey google the benefits of garlic, you will know that you should have a healthy dose of garlic in your diet in one way or the other. I drink it because it reduces the “stink” factor for me.
  8. Exercise & Rest: do the one you can do but sha move your body and get those muscles flexed on a daily. I do mine from the comfort of my home, thank God for YouTube. Check for simple routines and do something, anything to keep your heart pumping. Then rest! as simple as it is spelt, take it very serious.
  9. Words & Prayer: bless your temples sisters and brothers. Speak life to your temples and not death. Ask God in prayer where you need to make amend and ask for wisdom on how to treat your body. No be you get am, it was given to you by Him. He knows how you were made and how to better take care of it, so why not ask Him.
  10. Sift ’em Information: not everything out there on “healthy lifestyle” is healthy enough for you. Check, research, read, ask before digesting information on weight loss and dietary plans. Be Careful!

The points highlighted above may not be comprehensive enough for you but I do hope you picked a thing or two. Do regular health routine check-ups if you have to, it is important. Speak life to your body. Think on thoughts that are healthy for your mind, soul and spirit. Mind your business and treat your body with care and respect. Remember, God lives in it. At least if you do not love it, take care of it because it was loaned to you for a period of time.

For regular diet plans, weight loss plans, hormonal imbalance food plans, encouragement on lifestyle changes, and anything about keeping your weight stable, send me an email on

  1. This was beautifully written Ize, being a medic and know the details of their benefits of most of theses points doesn’t mean we can easily apply them. You just made them easier to follow, thank you.

    Racheal Ayuba

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