Could Those Words Be Keeping You Haunted?

I want to use this part of my blog to help people that have issues with weight loss or just living healthy in general. But firstly, let me put a disclaimer out there that I am not a certified weight loss nutritionist but I want to share what has helped me and some other people I have worked with, in the same vein that it will be of help to someone out there. Before I introduce you to how it is going to be done, let me let you in with a background story of mine.

So some close relatives/friends used to tease me that I was going to add a lot of weight when I had my babies because I had the tendency to be big due to my body dimensions. They said I was tall and had large bones and I looked the part. I got to hear that a lot of times that it began to affect my psyche. I remember how I once used to starve myself just to avoid gaining weight that I became borderline anorexic. Those jests messed up mind so much so that it became like a resounding alarm in my head. I randomly hear their voices in my head, “Ize, you will grow fat when you give birth, it’s in your body, you can’t avoid it.” While I think it’s a Naija thing to say someone has the tendency to be big based on the family line or the body structure of an individual at a particular stage of one’s life that doesn’t make it true and shouldn’t even be said at all.

There is something called puberty, hormones, environment, lifestyle, age, work ethics, diet, e.t.c. that can contribute to one’s weight gain/loss and this varies in the different phases of one’s life. Whenever they said those things, I made up my mind to prove them wrong. I told myself I was going to do everything I knew to do to see to it that I won’t be overweight after having my babies. It was a good motivation to keep my weight in check but what I didn’t realise was that it was also a demon that kept me in torment.

I did a good job in keeping my weight in check by whatever means possible which was good but what I could never get over was those voices in my head that were spoken over me over 15years ago. I am in the boundary of where I want to be in my weight goal but I still cannot live normally without those voices telling me I will add weight if I eat this or eat that. I got addicted to checking my weight almost every day because I didn’t want to add 1kg due to the fact that I ate a slice of cake or indulged a bit.

Then some weeks ago, I heard in my spirit that my scale had become my idol. I feared to see what it had to say on a daily basis, because that was what I worked with for that day. I made a decision to stop checking my weight on a daily basis, only once a week if necessary. It was a struggle because I was used to checking my weight often, sometimes 2x a day. I told myself I was going to live without the shackles of what people have said in the past that I will become because those were their words and their opinions not mine. I told myself I wouldn’t be so hard on me anymore because I was young when I was told those things, now I am older and wiser and I have become my own woman. I would learn to delight in who I have grown to become and the essence of who I am and not their words.

This is really personal to me because I haven’t spoken about it to anyone before but I am talking about it now because I know someone out there could be struggling with the same issue or something similar. I just want you to know those words that people have spoken over you are not what you are. You have a choice to define who you want to be and be it! The only image you are bound to have of yourself is who God has said you are. He said I have made you in my image (Genesis 1:27) and I have called you mine (Isaiah 43:1). It is good to want to keep a healthy lifestyle and lose weight if you have to but let it be from a place of doing it for you and for your own health, not to prove anyone wrong because whatever their opinions are do not matter in the scheme of things. Do it for you, then and only then will you have the satisfaction and fulfilment you truly deserve.

Now, I want to help people develop a healthy mindset on weight loss and healthy lifestyle by creating unique meal plans for each individual. I call it unique because no two people are the same so also are their needs. These meal plans are quite comprehensive and very easy to use and no starving of any sort. I will also make myself available for counsel on how to make the journey worthwhile, just send an email to and get we will get in touch asap.

  1. ????Loved reading this and love what you doing supporting women and helping them with this hard topic of weight.You giving them they power back because if its bothers an individual than it a problem that must be solved .

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