Broken Pitchers

Today in my home, our devotional reading centered around Gideon. Truthfully speaking, who doesn’t know the story of Gideon in the Bible? The timid guy who didn’t feel he was up to much because of the weak clan he was born into? The one who did the fleece test thing…yeah you should know him now, lol. But inasmuch as I have read about Gideon alot of times in the past, I still get something new everytime I read about him and that is how it is with every story in the Bible. The Bible is inexhaustible, that is why it never gets old nor stale.

While Gideon saw his weaknesses and everything wrong with him and his family, God saw who he was meant to be. He sent an angel to address him as who He saw him as and who he ought to be, which was “The Mighty Man of Valour” (see Judges 6:12). You also see this scenario play out in the case of Mary, when angel Gabriel appeared to her and called her “The Highly Favoured One, Blessed Amongst Women” (see Luke 1:28.) I am beyond certain there are more examples both in the Bible and day-to-day living because we have been made the righteousness of God in Christ Jesus (see 2Corinthians 5:21).

God sees where you are at the moment but He addresses you as what He knows you could be. He calls you His beloved, the one He died for, the one He has promised to never leave alone nor forsake. He sees what you can become, which is the reason for Him sending His only Son to die for while you were yet a sinner. You see what you cannot be, He sees what you can be and He calls you that. He has said to call things that be not as though they were, why do you think He would call you anything less than what He has created you to be? He sees you the way nobody else does, yet we seek the approval of men that cannot see beyond their noses.

Gideon went ahead to be that man of valour with broken pitchers, torches and trumpets because God delivered his enemies into his hands. For Mary, all she had to say was “I am your handmaid, be it done unto me according to your word.” (see Luke 1:38). The battle isn’t your to fight; all you need do is submit to His Lordship and watch Him fight for you. Sometimes we struggle with things we need to surrender. How difficult is it to say Yes God, you lead and I will follow? Well, you can say it’s not; but are you living life in your own terms and expecting a birthing of Jesus miracle like Mary? Mary said yes to God’s will and damned the consequences. Gideon did same, even though he was quivering, at least he did anyway.

You can do same today. The only thing it will cost you is to come along with your broken pitchers. Broken pitchers which could be your horrible past, your timid self that you cover up with laughter, your broken relationships, your failed marriage, your career….Just come with those pitchers in exchange for the victory that has been won by Christ for you. Isn’t that a fair bargain?

  1. Faith is taking one step at a time with the assurance and knowledge that God is always with us. Perhaps, this is what spurred Gideon and Mary to take those brave steps. Great writing!

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