The Gifts or The Giver?

When your heart is for the Giver, He will always be more than enough to satisfy your gifts. But if your heart is for the gifts, then be certain you’ll keep coming and going because the gifts never satisfy truly, they keep you wanting more and more until you become like a bottomless pit that is insatiable.

God is ENOUGH! actually, He is more than enough. Let the challenges come; let the sicknesses come; let the physical and emotional pains come; let the hunger, poverty and lack come; let the depression and loneliness come; let the anger, frustration, confusion come, let the fake people come….let them all come. God isn’t only the gift that keeps on giving, He is the Giver. He will strip you bare and fill you up because He is more than enough.

When you go seeking for the gifts – healing for your pains, supply for your needs, comfort for your discomfort, satisfaction for your loneliness, etc, you will receive only by faith, but will the gifts take you the long way? You will always have a need to go back for more because the world we live in is in a fallen state and nothing is guaranteed.

When you go seeking for the Giver though, he satisfies you totally. He gives you grace to walk through the fire and come out unscathed. He gives you contentment in the insufficiency the world gives. He heals your body and soul. He gives you wisdom that is profitable to direct in all circumstances.

The Giver is who you should seek and not the Gift because the Giver knows what you need and at the point you need it. But asking for a gift could be asking amiss, which when not granted can lead to frustration, like it rightly says in Proverbs 13:12 – “Hope deferred makes the heart sick, but when the desire comes, it is a tree of life.” The frustration from an unanswered request can further lead you to into asking for another gift to satisfy the void the frustration has left in your soul, on and on the endless cycle continues.

This week I pray you seek the Giver. Do not just go for what his hands can give, go for what his heart can satisfy. His heart is wide enough, deep enough, high enough and big enough to take all of you in. He knows what ails you so do not be afraid that He may not know.

When you do seek the Giver, he shows you where the gifts are for the taking. They all are in their abundance woven into the Giver’s hands.

  1. Every good (and perfect) gift comes from Father of Lights who does not change and is all sufficient. His presence far outweighs His gifts. Thus, once we fully have Him in our lives, His gifts reveals the manifestation of His love for us.

    Good writing!

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