I am a child of God and:

I am not empty

I was created with a purpose

I am Powerful, Beautiful and Intelligent

I was created for such a time as this

I live in a temple(my body) and that temple is not my idol

I have a heart so deep, so wide and so high that hate drowns in the love it is filled with

I am healthy in body, soul and spirit

I am Love and I Love deeply

I was called to be separate – set apart for establishing His kingdom here on Earth

I am in this world but not of this world

I am wonderfully and fearfully made

I put my faith to work

I am not lazy; I work hard and I reap a bountiful harvest in due time

I stand before Kings & Queens and not mere men

I am for signs and wonders

I am a bright light shining for the world to see

I birth ideas that changes Nations

I am filled with wisdom to solve world economic problems

I am fearless and not timid

I am bold, stouthearted and I have a sound mind

I stand for what is right, godly and of good report

I am not a house for the devil neither do I compromise with him

I am filled with joy and I spread joy and happiness wherever I go

I have compassion for the hurting and I am moved to help

I feed and clothe the poor and desolate

Out of my belle flows rivers of living waters

…and I am the daughter/son of the King of all Kings.

Update this list and make sure to say these out loud to yourself as often as you can. You are a child of God and as cliché as that may sound, it is the most profound truth you will ever get to know. I sincerely pray you enter into a dimension of utmost realization of how much you are loved by God today, this year and forever.


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