Enjoy your Enjoyment with Thanksgiving

Please do not believe the lies that you must always have one problem you are dealing with all the time. Abeg, if you have believed it already, abort mission. Because it may seem as though, when all is going well, we start looking for problem here and there to make us look spiritual. Please and please, enjoy your season of rest and harvest and stop thinking you must always be fighting one battle after the other.

Life happens in seasons, grapes today, mangoes tomorrow, soursops the day after and so on. To think that life should always be difficult is a default setting the society has made us to believe which has also been seriously influenced by some teachings and people close to us. God created us for fellowship with him and while it is true that difficulties are inevitable, he has promised to walk it through with us and be sure we come out on the other side with no smell of smoke on us. That means we have a hand to hold when it gets tough and when we feel all alone.

That hand we hold isn’t there for just the difficult seasons, it is also there to walk us through doors of huge opportunities and little ones. The hand is there to wrap us into a warm embrace when life gets too chilly. The hand is here to lift us up when the ditch is wide to jump across or when our feet gets too weak to walk. The hand never leaves us, it is always there.

And when the season of enjoyment comes, my brother/sister, enjoy it in peace and thanksgiving. Do not envy other people’s cross. And just incase people are envious of your enjoyment, never mind, because you were once ignorant. You can explain to them that you aren’t devoid of hardship it is just that it is your season of enjoyment and you have chosen to be bask in it. If they decide to keep running their mouths, that isn’t your problem anymore, just pray for their hearts.

In conclusion, enjoy yourself so that when it is time to be a little uncomfortable, you wouldn’t act like you alone have all the world’s problems on your head. Life is in seasons and phases, some sweeter than others but how you choose to react in each season will determine how long you stay in that season and what outcome you get at the end of that season.

“In the day of prosperity be joyful, but in the day of adversity consider: Surely God has appointed the one as well as the other, so that man can find out nothing that will come after him.” (Ecclesiastes 7:14 NKJV)

Enjoyment Minister, please enjoy yasef!

  1. In tines of prosperity, enjoy yourself!
    I remember telling my dad this several times years back.
    We had gone through some pretty rough times growing up until the sun finally rose and the skies looked brighter for us… Now my dad, well aware that his season had changed from hardships to success, would still act and dress down whenever he would be in certain settings, fearing the running mouths.. When my constant reminders sunk in his mind… He was finally free to be himself and join the ministry of enjoyment! ? (led by Christ ofcourse! ?

    This took me back… Thanks for sharing Ize!

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