This is not a post about anything deep but a subtle reminder to tell you to Rest and Breathe.

I was looking through my notepad to post something very deep here but nothing was matching my energy. Then it came to me that there are days I wouldn’t just want to write or post anything and that is totally fine. I know I can be very hard on myself, I do not even need anyone else to put pressure on me because I do that fully well. I had started a trip down the guilt lane when I felt a gentle nudge on the inside and a calm voice saying “Ize, it is okay not to post anything today, I love you and my love is not based on your performance. Just rest in my love.”

As a writer, there are days when writing seems more like a chore than a passion. I want to believe this isn’t unique to writers alone but for everyone no matter what your passion is. There are days when you would not feel a 100% about what you enjoy doing. What do you do on those days? Do you beat yourself up for feeling that way or push a little harder? While it is good to be consistent in whatever your hand finds to do, never forget that rest is also necessary for rejuvenation.

Please note that whilst doing nothing may sound like a simple thing to do, it isn’t as easy on the mind. Our thoughts like to roam and go wild most especially when nothing is being done. That is why even the bible says that you have to renew your mind always by the word else you will find yourself thinking about things you do not want to. The bible helps us to know what we must allow our minds think on, it helps to create healthy boundaries in our thought life. As with a restless generation like ours, distractions are on a whole other level with social media and stuff. We find that our brain is always working overtime which leaves us with an unhealthy and unstable thought pattern.

Learn to tune out the noise outside so that your mind can be more stable on the inside. That is one way to avoid depression which is by the way very common nowadays. Rest but rest with sense and make sure you Breathe.

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