Here are some random randoms, lol.

>>The Word of God maketh wise the simple. Open your heart and the Holy Spirit will flood it with understanding; He’s always eager to show you deep truths. The question is, are you willing to study His Word?

>>As a leader, your greatest weapon is a “wise and discerning heart”. This is the only asset you have to be able to govern justly, administer justice and to distinguish between right and wrong (1 Kings 7-12).

>>Some people wonder why they aren’t yet used by God. Opening you up is still a can of worms inside, so why not let you be spring-cleaned before you are displayed.

>>Not everything that looks good, feels good, smells good or even tastes good is healthy for a certain phase of your life, sometimes you need to say NO to those things so you won’t defile yourself (Daniel 1:8).

>>Anything done apart from God He considers not because He says it clearly that apart from me you can do nothing. Will you live your life thinking you’ve influenced lives and left your footprints in the sands of time just for you to appear before the judgement throne and your pages are blank? Nothing you’ve done was ever considered because whatever it was, was done apart from God. How sad will that be? Check that whatever you are doing has God’s stamp of approval and not the approval of men alone. May God’s blessings be on the work of our hands in Jesus name, Amen. (John 15:5)

>>You cannot fight the battle of the mind without the help of the Holy Spirit; you are going to lose, there’s no way you’d win. While inspirational and motivational quotes can help but a little, therapy and medication can help a bit further. Without the help of the Holy Spirit, it will continually be a rollercoaster ride with no destination in sight. But you’ll always win the battle with the help of the Holy Spirit because he only is our Counselor, teacher, advocate and guide.

>>The time you spend deliberating on what has happened or what is happening in someone else’s life on social media, they are busy using that same time to create content and making money. Be wise with your own time or better still, learn to look and pass.

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