15 Life Hacks That Got Me Through 2020

It has been a kind of year no one foresaw coming but I can honestly say it has been one of my best years yet and that is because of these 15 life hacks that got me through.

Straight up, here they are:

  1. The Love and Mercy of God: truth be told, I could write this as the only life hack that got me through 2020 and I will be fine with it because it summarizes my whole 2020 experience. My family and I got to experience so much of God’s mercy and love for us in a whole new dimension in 2020 that I do not know how we would have made it through without the love and mercy of God. He kept us safe, healthy, satisfied and protected from Covid-19 throughout 2020.
  2. My Family: having to spend literally every second with my husband and two kids wasn’t as easy as I thought it would be. But the life hack that got me through and still helping me out is operating via the fruit of the Spirit; learning to trade anger for love, exhaustion for rest and to trade flesh for the spirit because it knows best. I am still working on me but I wouldn’t have made it through 2020 without this life hack.
  3. My Friends: to know and experience the love and power of true friendships was one life hack that opened me to a whole new world of possibilities this year.
  4. CBC: attending Charis Bible College had always been a dream of mine right from my University days when I got introduced to the ministry of Andrew Wommack. This year, not only was a CBC hybrid branch opened in my Province, the venue was also very close to my house. If that isn’t a miracle, then I do not know what is. All I was taught in CBC was timely and I must say CBC was a life hack I didn’t know I needed.
  5. Stop Sweating the Small Stuff: mehn, I can complain for the world, because I like things done in a particular order and at the time I want it done. Not something I am proud of but this year “the not sweating the small stuff” life hack had to enter my coconut head whether I liked it or not because my tired was tired of me. I wouldn’t say I have changed a 100% but I have to learn to stick my thumb out of my mouth and grow up or just shut up sometimes.
  6. Breathe: just like you know it…air going in and out of your nostrils…yeah that kind of breathing…Yes, I learnt to breathe and just flat out stay calm, not every time gra gra (agility) upandan. This did not happen too often because I lost my cool a lot of times, but for the times I did breathe, I realised it gave me time to think straight. For instance, on preparing this blog post, something happened that I had to bite my tongue because I did not want to lose my cool.
  7. Do Things Afraid: you know how the devil expects us to cower in the face of things that overwhelm us? This year I learnt to move in the face of fear and get things done, put my feelings aside and depend totally on the grace and power of God. This blog is an example.
  8. Eat less and Live more: life is not all about food. I learnt the life hack of missing some meals and I saw my weight more balanced than it ever was. No surprises on the scale this year, thank Jesus!
  9. Read, Read and Read again: this life hack is one for life. While the Bible is a staple for me because my life depends on it, in 2020 it proved true as per usual. I read books, articles and posts that changed my life in 2020. So I cannot overemphasize this life hack enough but will advise you pick it up as a habit and you won’t regret it.
  10. Music: thanks to Trace Gospel, I got to listen to alot of songs by default not by choice because it was the one channel on DSTV I knew I could leave my kids watching and not be bothered. So it became a life hack I needed to stay sane.
  11. Giving and Saving: giving is a life hack that humbles me, while saving is a life hack that shows that I have a brain and I am prudent, lol.
  12. Jealously Guard my Heart: this life hack is an antidote for depression. Even Proverbs 4:23 states that.
  13. Believe in the Prayers I Pray: it is one thing to pray but another thing to believe God does hear and answers the prayers prayed. This year I learned to believe in the prayers I pray so it made me pray more serious and truthful prayers.
  14. Praise my Way Through any Storm: my secret life hack for a victorious life because in praising, I believe God causes all things to work together for my good.
  15. Thankfulness: this was a life hack that got me to stay in a state of contentment no matter what. Being thankful also kept my mind in a state of peace.

Life Hack for the season we are in: please be kind enough to wear a mask, sanitize and stay at home if you do not have any business being outside. Life is better if we unite and fight against the common enemy which is Covid-19 in this case.

  1. “Acting via the fruit of the Spirit; learning to trade anger for love”… This stuck out for me. It easy to get angry these days, and even transfer our anger unto our loved ones. So reminding ourselves of the fruits of the spirit is definitely a life hack that should stick with us regardless of the season. ??

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